12 Italian “Family Style” Sunday Dinner Recipes

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Italians have this great thing called family style dining. When I married my Italian husband I also inherited his big Italian family and their amazing cooking. When he took me to meet his family for the first time it was Christmas and there were fifty Italians all packed into his Nonno and Nonna’s (Italian for Grandpa and Grandma’s) house. To say I was a little nervous is an understatement. They all welcomed me with open arms though and 9 years later I love them all and they are such great family to have. Their cooking is amazing and every holiday gathering includes family style dining filled with raviolis, homemade sugo (sauce), meatballs, sausage and so much more! It’s divine.

I’ve created this collection of 12 Italian Family Style Sunday Dinner Recipes inspired by my favorite Italian foods I’ve come to know and love thanks to my Italian in laws. Make it a family tradition to sit around the table on Sunday and enjoy these amazing dishes “family style”. Put them all on platters in the center of the table and pass them around and fill your plate. This is my favorite part about the holidays at my in laws! Great conversation and amazing food. It can’t be beat and is definitely a tradition to continue!

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Bake Recipe - Must Have Mom

Here is my Chicken Bacon Alfredo Bake Recipe. It’s a quick and easy meal to prepare for the whole family. Throw some bread in the bread maker and you’ve got a meal! Perfect for Sunday family style dining.

What family traditions does your family have? Do you sit around the table for Sunday dinner?

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  1. Sunday is a special day with the husband’s family. We all gather for a big family dinner every Sunday. It is a favorite day of the week. I like to alternate what side dish to take.

  2. I love sitting down to dinner with my family as much as possible! Sundays are a great day for that when we’re less busy. These recipes look outstanding, yum!

  3. i make a big sunday dinner every week, but typically all of these recipes are in our weekly rotation in one way or another. this is one of our favorite dishes, so rich so we don’t eat it that often.

  4. Yum! Italian dishes are some of my favorites, especially the Chicken Parmesan. We do like to try to eat together with the family esp. on the weekends.

  5. Sunday dinner was definitely a big deal in my childhood home. Italian is my favorite thing to eat, so I love this collection you made, by the way.

  6. That Three Cheese Meat Lasagna looks delicious. I love family style dinners. Not always on Sundays, but at least 4 times a month we head over to my grandmas house for a big dinner.

  7. I love this recipe and make a dish that is very similar. It is so delicious and rich in favors.

  8. All of these sound wonderful. I am one eighth Italian too. My grandma made some nice sauce and it used to cook all day. It made the house smell so nice too! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

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