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No matter how small or how big your home is, there is always a need for organization. Keeping things organized will help you not only to save time but also money as you won’t find yourself buying unnecessary items anymore.

When it comes to organizing the garage, the craft room or even a bathroom, my favorite item to use is the Mason jar. Why? Simply because they are extremely inexpensive, easy to find [just think of how many tomato sauce jars you discarded], easy to open and close, as well as they allow you to see what is inside the jar, making your life easier.

In the garage, you can use mason jars to store nails, screws, as well as other small hardware pieces and if you enjoy gardening like I do, you can also use those jars to store your gardening supplies, such as wood sticks for the herb garden, your plant’s vitamins, as well as some of your seeds too. Besides that, you can install a pegboard onto your garage’s wall to help you organize the items that get used on a daily basis, including your pet’s accessories, and some of the building tools, such as pliers, hammer, scissors, and rulers. The pegboard can be installed between the base and the wall cabinets acting like a backsplash or on the entire wall, floor to ceiling. Either way, this is a great way to keep your everyday belongs organized.

Back to our mason jar, in the craft room, mason jars are pretty much a must have item and they will keep all of your craft supplies neatly stored. Jewelry makers love those jars as they can keep all their beads stored in a very effective way.  Depending on how much of each supply you have, you can also use the little jars that once held your jelly or anchovies too. Also, when organizing a craft room, think of recycling too. An old window shutter can easily become a place to store your mailing or hold your keys, for example. Moreover, use storage cubes throughout the space to store your items while adding extra sitting space to the room.

Another area in the house that most women need a storage solution is the bathroom. After all, we tend to collect a lot of cosmetics, nail polishes, creams, and the list goes on and on. Mason jars are an excellent storage solution for cotton balls, q-tips, and foundation applicators. Use those jars to keep them nicely stored in your draw or shelve unit. Nail polish and small cosmetics such as lipsticks or mascaras can be easily stored in small containers like this one from The Container Store. Stackable and easy to see thru, those accessory boxes will definitely help you to keep your vanity organized.

Whether you are a food affectionate or not, keeping your pantry organized is key for easy prep. While most of the dry goodies come in plastic bags and keeping them sealed, nice and fresh sounds like a mission impossible, companies like The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond offer stackable air tight containers that will allow you to keep your pantry super organized while saving money as you will know exactly what you have in stock instead of going out on an unnecessary shopping spree for your cooking supplies or letting those goodies to go bad simply because you forgot about them or couldn’t find them when needed.

Empty shoes boxes can also be a great solution to store accessories, beauty supplies, and toiletry samples. Choose a nice paper to wrap it up and then start storing your jewelry, cosmetics, gloves, and even cards or travel souvenirs. When selecting the wrap paper [or fabric] for your boxes, think of a pattern that will enhance your decor, especially if you are considering keeping those boxes on a open shelf, where it’s visible to everybody that walks into the space. If you still have storage issues even with using these creative DIY storage options, you can always opt for storage in a local storage facility.

What creative ways do you organize?

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  1. We used to use baby food jars to store those small garage items (pins, screws, nuts & washers). They work well and you can attach the lid to a cabinet and have them suspended!

  2. we do peanut butter jars for screw and nail storage. and old baby wipes tubs work awesome too. my dad used to have all our old coffee cans for storage but i dont’ know if those are even made anymore?!

  3. I am scouring the internet for storage solutions right now so I can be ready for spring cleaning. After this super long Chicago winter I feel like burning the house down and starting over because we have so crap everywhere! I guess I will get some storage containers instead of matches and do it the old fashioned way.

  4. I am not super creative when it comes to storing LOL. I: will have to use your tips and try to become a little more creative.

  5. I use a lot of air tight containers cause we have moisture issues in the bathroom. But I love the peg board for the garage. We need to get one in our next house. Our Garage needs a lot of storage help.

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