18 Game Day Appetizers

18 Game Day Appetizers. Super Bowl Appetizers, Football game day party appetizer ideas. Great recipes for game day!

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Getting your home game day ready can be fun and festive! When I think of football I think of awesome game day appetizers to load up on! Before your big football party be sure to get your house game day ready with P&G essentials like Tide and Downy to make sure you have clean, fresh team gear, and Dawn and Bounty that help tackle that post-game mess. That’s why Cub Foods and Procter & Gamble have partnered up to make sure you’re covered for all your game day party needs!

Meet Kyle Rudolph at Cub Foods!

To celebrate the partnership, Minnesota Vikings Player Kyle Rudolph appeared at Cub Foods on December 15th to meet with fans. I have had the opportunity to meet Kyle Rudolph at a food shelf event as well and he is one of the nicest guys!

Once you’ve got the house tidy and the game day gear ready, it’s time to start thinking about game day food! These game day appetizer recipes are sure to be a hit at your tailgate party or football watching event!

Game day recipes:

  1. Taco Dip
  2. Party Meatballs
  3. Easy Cheesy Pizza Dip
  4. Chicken & Avocado Gluten Free Brushetta
  5. Honey Chipotle Wings
  6. Ham and Swiss Sliders
  7. Buffalo Chicken Crackers
  8. 7 Layer Dip Cup
  9. Restaurant Style Salsa and Chips
  10. Mini Taco Salad Bites
  11. Healthy Jalapeno Poppers
  12. Spinach and Artichoke Pull Apart Bread
  13. Chipotle Mango Meatballs
  14. Grilled Bufalo Wings
  15. Texas Caviar
  16. Mozzarella Log Jam
  17. Buffalo Chicken Sliders
  18. Crock Pot Chicken Taquitos



  1. Steven weber says:
    We make sure to wear our team jerseys as well as have lots of food and drinks out for people!!
  2. stacey trim says:
    Buy lots of snacks and I use the Febreze Air Effects the most often
  3. We always have plenty of beverages and snacks available. To get us personally ready for game day, I use Crest to brush my teeth, Scope for a great smelling breath and I use Cascade to get the dished done before and after games day.
  4. We use a ton of Tide! For game day, we usually make some snacks like popcorn, chips and dip, hot wings, etc.
  5. I use Tide detergent all the time, it's my favorite and Olay lotion and body wash.
  6. Tracie Cooper says:
    I definitely use a lot of Tide Pods!
  7. Joan Kubes says:
    I use cascade all the time but to be game day ready we use paper plates.
  8. I get some chips and salsa also make a bean dip, plenty of beer too.
  9. Angelic Sinova says:
    So many yummy appetizers! I've got to try out the Chicken & Avocado Gluten Free Brushetta and Spinach and Artichoke Pull Apart Bread recipes. They sound so delicious <3
  10. That pizza dip looks amazing. I am a big fan of wings and lots of veggie sticks for game day. And you have to have lots of Cascade for all those messes.
  11. I wish we have them Tide pods here in Indonesia! :) Awesome giveaway. Good luck for everyone participating.
  12. I go to the grocery store!
  13. We stock up on Bounty paper towels, and have plenty of appetizers and ice cold beverages on hand. Thanks for the chance to win! wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com
  14. I love appetizers. Great list of goodies!
  15. These look and sound delicious! I love loading my husband up on game day foods when he's watching football. I love seven layer dips. And my husband's new favorite thing is mushroom poppers. Great ideas here!
  16. What a great list for the game or a party. Will have to try to make some of these. Great giveaway as well. Love the Tide pods. Very convenient when you are a laundry mat person like me.
  17. I use Tide the most
  18. I'm loving all of the recipe ideas. I'd love to try a few new recipes on each game day next year.
  19. I use Tide and Pantene the most.
  20. I love making appetizers for football games!! These all sounds so good, they would be perfect for watching the game as well.
  21. Thomas Murphy says:
    I use Tide Pods the most.
  22. I love all these ideas, especially the individual portions of nacho dip...that's brilliant!
  23. Rebecca Swenor says:
    It sounds like it was a fun event to me with the Viking player Kyle Rudolph. I love all these game day food ideas and I think you can never go wrong with meatballs. Thanks for sharing and I will have to share this giveaway with my sister.
  24. I use Crest, Tide and Febreze all the time.
  25. Tide has always been my buddy in doing the laundry! We love Game Days and yeah, just like everyone else I enjoy preparing lots of snacks and drinks for my boys.
  26. Tide is my fave. It's the one soap I can depend on and have been able to for years. That pizza dip looks AMAZING.
  27. We don't really do this in the UK - well my family don't anyway. It looks lots of fun. Kaz :)
  28. I love game day food. Thanks for these tasty recipes and great giveaway too. I will try the avocado and chicken recipe.
  29. I use Cascade Action Pacs most.
  30. Oh for game day...Secret is a MUST!
  31. We make sure that we wear our teem game day attire! Thank you! :)
  32. I use Tide laundry detergent and Pantene conditioner and shampoo the most!!
  33. Tonya Flores says:
    You can never go wrong with Tide Pods.
  34. Febreeze! In the house, in the car - can't live without that stuff.
  35. Tide Pods.
  36. I use Febreze all of the time - especially in my classroom. Those 6th grade boys can carry some stink!
  37. I get game ready by making lots of delicious food and plenty of beverages. I use Cascade the most.
  38. Niki Johnson says:
    I get game ready by making lots of snacks, often bought at Cub. And freshen up with various P&G products. Tide is my favorite.
  39. We stock up on some snack foods and great app's!! (Buffalo chicken dip anyone??) I use cascade the most.
  40. We get game day ready by buying various snack foods like chips and making coordinating dip for them. We love Cascade, Tide and Febreeze
  41. I do all the prep work the night before and get the serving table set up too.
  42. Pantene shampoo
  43. Cori Westphal says:
    I use Cascade pacs! I actually just bought some today! coriwestphal at gmail dot com
  44. I use bounty the most to clean up before and after.
  45. The PG product I use most is Tide products. It's been a staple in my home since I was a kid, and now as a parent I continue to use reliable Tide, it has great products, cleans well and is affordable.
  46. Laura ari says:
    I like a ton of P & G products, but the one I use the most is tide.
  47. snacks...lots of snacks!
  48. I collect some recipes and get lots a rest the night before

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