How To Make Cake Pops! The New Craze!

Have you seen the latest craze in the cake world yet? They are called Cake Pops and they are popping up everywhere (no pun intended!). You can make just about any theme or character with them and they are adorable. I have to admit I was intimidated when it came to making them but I was pleasantly surprised that it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

To start off you are going to bake a 9 x 13 cake mix. I used a yellow box cake mix. After it cools break up half of the cake in a large mixing bowl. Crumble it with your hands until no large pieces remain. Then, add 1/2 cup of prepared frosting (I used the Betty Crocker in a can whipped frosting) to the crumbled cake. Mix well until the frosting is all mixed in and the cake is moist.

Next you will form balls with the mix. To make sure they are uniform measure out each amount. I used 2 tablespoons of cake mix to make these medium sized balls. Once you’ve made the balls chill them until they are firm for decorating. It was ten degrees outside when I made these so I just put them outside for a bit and they were nice and firm.

I got a whole bunch of really fun cake pops related products from Wilton. Some of these were sent to me to facilitate this post and some of them I purchased with my own money. They have tons of fun decorations for your Cake Pops! I also bought the Candy Melts which are available in a large variety of colors. The Wilton ready to use decorator icing is perfect for decorating too. I would have been lost without the Chocolate Pro Melting Pot! It’s my must have product for making Cake Pops! I also bought the 6 inch cookie sticks to put the cake pops on. The Wilton Valentine themed sprinkles are perfect for Valentine Pops too!

Wilton Candy Melts made it extremely easy to dip my pops and make them look great. As an added bonus they taste wonderful! In this post I will show you how to make some cute Apple Cake Pops as well as some great Valentine’s themed Cake Pops. These are perfect for giving as Valentine’s individually wrapped! To make all of these you will need Red, Lavender, Pink and Dark Cocoa colored Candy Melts.

Okay now once you’ve bought the supplies you wish to use you are going to decorate your cake pops. I definitely recommend buying the Chocolate Pro melting pot because it works really well and melts the candy melts quickly and keeps them at the right temp to dip your pops. Melt the Red Candy Melts.

Once your candy melts are melted down you will need to dip your stick in them and get a small amount on the end of it which will serve to hold the cake pop securely on the stick. Push your stick into the cake pop. To make the apple cake pops you will need to push the stick though the cake pop until about a 1/4” is sticking out the top which will serve as the apple stem. Once you’ve done this allow them to chill until the candy is hardened.

After they have chilled and the candy stick has set you are ready to dip your pops! Dip them into the red until fully covered. Tap the pop stick on the side of the pop until the excess candy drips off. Place on a Decorator stand or in a foam brick and chill until candy is firm.

Once your red has set then you will need to melt the dark cocoa colored candy melts. Dip only the top of the stick that is sticking out of the top of your pop in the cocoa melts to create your apple stem.

Chill again and once the chocolate has gotten firm use Wilton green leaf decorator icing to make a leaf on the top of your apple. Voila! You’re done! Aren’t they cute 🙂 These would be great little treats for the teachers in your life!

I couldn’t resist making more than one design so I also did some Valentine’s Day cake pops. They all turned out so cute!

Making these Valentine’s Day themed cake pops is super easy! Follow the instructions above until you are ready to dip them. Dip each one in the different colored candy melts. I used Pink, Red and Lavender as well as the Dark Cocoa. I used the Wilton Valentine’s Day sprinkles too. For the pink and red pops sprinkle the sugar crystal sprinkles over the pops immediately after dipping them in the candy melts before the candy melts start to harden. For the Cocoa colored pops I used Wilton decorator icing to draw hearts on them after the candy melts had hardened. For the lavender pops I dipped them in the candy melts and immediately put the heart sprinkles on them. You must do it quickly but carefully. Then chill them all until the candy melts harden again.

These are perfect for a Valentine’s Day party or pick up clear bags to package them in and give them as Valentine’s!

Not only are the cake pops a showstopper but they taste really good too! Danika LOVED them which I never doubted she would 🙂 I had to laugh because I sent these cake pops to work with my husband. Now he works in a mine with some very rough, tough, burly men so imagining them eating these cutesy cake pops just cracks me up. The funniest part is that my husband said these were a huge hit and all the guys loved them. They were even asking for the recipe! LOL That just cracks me up 🙂 So these are not just for tea parties ladies! They are perfect for every party!

So what do you think? Have I convinced you that these are not as hard as they look? Would you like to see more ideas? You can also make brownie pops and cookies pops! Mmmm! If you want to see more then leave me some comments and I’ll continue to share these fun how to ideas with you!


*I received some of these products from Wilton in exchange for participating in their Pops in a Post contest! I’m hoping to win 🙂 I also purchased some of the products seen here with my own money. My Valentine’s Day and Apple designs are my own ideas. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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  1. Very cute! Mine are almost finished for the contest and I will be posting shortly. I really want one of those melting pots. I was sad to not have registered in time for the contest and missed out on the blogger packs.

    Best of luck with your creations!

  2. Your cake pops look so cute! I love them. I'll be getting Wilton supplies & try these. Thanks for showing us how to make them. Brownie pops sound yummy too. I'd love to see more ideas. Thanks!

  3. We LOVE cake pops! I've been making them for about a year for all parties and such, everyone raves about them. It can be a bit of work, but they are so worth it!

  4. How cute! You know whats funny? There is a business in town where the woman makes cake balls as her job! Go to this website: & this is basically the same thing you did and I wondered how she made them. I think she makes her cakes from scratch though (not using the cake mix). Let me tell you – her cake balls are very delicious so I can only imagine that yours tasted good too! Thanks for posting about this! 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the compliments Ladies!


    I actually made a second batch of cake balls with the other half of the cake. To make all of the cake pops pictured in this post you will need one 9 x 13 cake. 🙂


  6. ive seen these all over the place. i think its about time I try and make my own! yours turned out adorable!

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