Step2 Gather & Grille Outdoor Playhouse Review

With Summer just around the corner it has me thinking of outdoor toys. One thing that I always wanted as a child was an outdoor playhouse. Step2 is the maker of so many amazing playhouses and I knew that my kids just had to have one. Step2 makes such high quality toys that I naturally looked to them to choose a fun playhouse for my kids that I know will last for many years to come. We chose the new Gather & Grille Playhouse and what a great choice it was!

When the playhouse arrived my husband immediately got to work assembling it. He is the #1 toy assembler in our house and it isn’t always a job he enjoys. He said that the playhouse was even fun to put together which shocked me. I was amazed to hear that he even enjoyed assembling it!

I love that the playhouse is setup so that many kids can play in it at once. You are not limited to the number of people that can fit inside of it because of the “outdoor patio” setup attached to the playhouse. This makes it easy for children to play both inside of it and on the patio. That means that your children and all of their friends can easily play with it without fighting over who can fit inside of it. As you can see in the picture my daughter’s friends were having a great time!

The Gather & Grille Playhouse outdoor patio features a child size bench and BBQ for kids to play with. The playhouse also includes a 5 piece accessory set which has 3 BBQ tools and bottles of ketchup and mustard, everything you need to have a cookout! I love that Danika and her friends can pretend to have a BBQ party while the adults have one as well! The grill has a great decal of food grilling on it. Danika likes to “grill” dandelions and “spinach” (grass). In the picture they are having a great time cooking up some sand creations.

Your child’s imagination can run wild with the Gather & Grille Playhouse. This is the perfect playhouse for larger families too because it can accommodate many kids at once. The heavy duty plastic is super durable and will withstand your child’s playtime activities for a long time to come.

The lid on the BBQ opens and closes and the tools hang nicely on hooks below the controls.

The child size bench is perfect for entertaining guests at the cookout!

Inside the playhouse there is a stove and sink for fun pretend cooking indoors. There is also a fireplace and clock on the mantle. A pantry decal completes the inside!

The Gather & Grille playhouse features a dutch door, large windows and a real, working doorbell! Danika absolutely loves ringing the door bell and answering the door. I think it is so cool that the doorbell actually rings!

You can buy the new Gather & Grille Playhouse on Amazon.  You can also buy it at retailers near you.

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  1. We would love one of the sand/water tables, we already have plenty of sand at the creek!

    jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com

  2. I really love the Naturally Playful® Cottage Combo! Actually, all of the Naturally Playful collection is soooo cute and classy!

    aseipel at pmmilwaukee dot com

  3. I would love to get the play up toddler swing and slide. We don't have room for a real swing set and dont have any trees to hang a tree from, so this would be perfect!