Shopkins Play Date {+ Huge Shopkins Toys Giveaway!}


Shopkins Play Date Party

Danika’s friends tell me that I host the best play dates. After our last garden party play date they were begging for another one. This time I was thrilled to host a play date for a new line of toys called Shopkins. They are adorable little toys centered around things you would find in the grocery aisles. I fell in love with them and boy were they a hit with the kids too! I set up the Shopkins Supermarket Playset and the Shopkins Bakery Playset along with several little shopkins and shopping bags for the kids to play with. Each child’s chair also had a bag with a Shopkins set in it to take home! Their eyes lit up when they saw them!

Shopkins Market

The Shopkins Grocery Mart came with some really adorable little toys. The grocery cart was a hot item, as was the checkout lane. The kids loved taking turns buying the groceries and working as the checkout person. The Shopkins could even take a ride up the lift and down the slide into the basket which garnered some squeals. I loved the little shelves that you could line the Shopkins with and so did the kids! The conveyor belt on the checkout really turns round and round which was a huge hit.

Shopkins Bakery

The Shopkins Bakery was another fun place for the kids to play. They loved selling their baked goods and mixing up their treats with the huge mixed that really spins around! I love the adorable display case.

Shopkins Party Food

Of course what’s a play date without some fun treats? I went with a “mini” theme following along with the mini size versions of grocery items that makes up Shopkins line of toys. I served mini muffins, mini donuts and little mini donut cereal complete with sprinkles.

Danika at Shopkins Play Date

 We also had a fun Shopkins photo frame that the kids could snap a photo with. These aren’t available to buy but you can create your own out of posterboard. Just cut it in a frame shape and then use the playset boxes to cut out images and the Shopkins logo or draw them if you are artsy!

Shopkins Play Date Food

 Snack time was a big hit! They worked up an appetite after all that shopping!

Shopkins Play Date

The Shopkins were a huge hit and I was impressed with how long they held the kids attention. They got along really well and it was fun to see the different ways they played with the shopkins. They all took turns role playing different parts with the playsets too. The Shopkins also come with a grocery list to check off which ones you have collected. The kids loved that and they all opened up their Shopkins and checked them off and compared lists with one another.

The playdate was a ton of fun and proved that Shopkins are the next hot toy! Anything that can hold that many children’s attention for that long is a big winner in my book. We are talking hours of play!

Shopkins Shelves for The Grocery Store! + How To Make A DIY Shopkins Snow Globe Decoration! Fun DIY Snow Globe for Kids!

We have also expanded our grocery store with grocery shelves for shopkins! They work perfectly to display all the shopkins items that your kiddo has! You can find the shopkins grocery store shelves on Amazon or here!

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  1. They are so pretty and colorful. I think the girls would love these and want to trade for their favorites.

  2. Oh my, my daughter would be all over these things! She LOVE little tiny toys that she can play with. Now if I could just find a way to get her to clean them all up before taking out the next set of little toys. Super cute.

  3. I think these look like so much fun, they kind of remind me of the Polly Pockets that I had and loved as a child but different of course. My daughter would love the shopkins!

  4. ive got 2 granddaughters that this would be perfect for,they are 6 and 4 yrs,,they love toys like this

  5. I think they are super cute and will be a big hit especially during Christmas time this year. The only thing I don’t like is that they’re so small. Thanks.

  6. Oh they are so adorable! I love all the tiny details in each one! She would have so much fun playing with them!

  7. This looks like something that would keep my daughter busy for a while! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  8. These look like a lot of fun and both my kids would like them. I just wish there wasn’t so much pink on them, my son would love these too but he’s at the age where he is sensitive to playing with girl toys. So that is a little frustrating and for that reason I don’t know if I would buy it. Seems like a great toy both boys and girls would love, I wish they had not included so much pink.

    1. And actually there isn’t *that* much pink on them and they include plenty of other colors…but that was just my first though. I try to encourage my son to look past those things.

  9. I would have loved this as a kid!! In fact, I might play with it first before I give it to my niece 🙂

  10. I had to do a search to see what shopkins are. My 7 year old has been begging for them. I found this in my search. They are so cute.

  11. They are super cute! They encourage creativity and imagination and they are really colorful and fun looking!

  12. Omg all these itoms look so cool I want all of them !! I have been looking all over for
    The till one cause its so cute and I love the figures you get with it especially
    The moisturiser guy hes my favourite ! And you can only get him in that set !
    But I dont have enough money to get any of the. Your
    Really lucky. Xx

  13. My daughter, Bella, is 3 years old and was diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia in dec of 2013. We found out about shopkins from youtube videos. Both my girls are obsessed, but we can’t find them in any store. Bella has a few and they definitely lift her spirits while in the hospital.

  14. How did you print out the frame so big? I’ve tried to do it, and after I save it, the resolution is too low.


    1. Pick up a piece of posterboard and cut out in the shape of a frame. Then you can decorate it with permanent markers to create your own frame. I wish I had a printable for you but I don’t!

  15. i love you guys and i daughter has only 2 shopkins and my daughter really wants yours she would love all of those shopkins i have only $1.00 so i cant buy ANY THANK YOU FOR DOING THE GIVEAWAY I PRAESHATE YOU GUYS LOVE YOU SARAH AND YOUR DAUGHTER IS THE BEST EVER FOR GIVING ALL HERE SHOPKINS AWAY GOOD WORK GUYS KEEP THE WORK UP!!!!!@@@

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