The Elves Are Back! Elf Magic Elves Return From The North Pole!

The kids have been anxiously waiting for their Elf Magic friends Mitchell and Meredith to return from the North Pole this year. They wrote their letters to Santa requesting a return visit from their friends and the elves are back! They get to stay with us now until Christmas Eve when they will have to return to the North Pole to help Santa deliver all of those gifts all over the world! This year they brought a new friend with them! The Reindeer has come to play with us and get into a little mischief before returning to flight school where he will learn to fly! He is just a baby so he needs to be taken care of until he is old enough for flight school. We are so excited that he decided to come along with the elves this year!

 The elves made their grand return and got  into a little mischief right off the bat! They got into my candles on the counter. I think they liked the Iced Snowberries scent. It must have reminded them of the North Pole!

 I can’t wait to see what fun we will have this year with the elves and what fun elfcapades they will get into this year!

 Don’t worry I’ll share our fun elfcapades with you too!

Do the Elf Magic elves visit your house each year? We just love this tradition and the kids look forward to it each year. Your child can write a letter to the North Pole and request that an elf come visit them too!

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