How To Remove Stains on Kids Clothes! Easy Trick for Grape Juice & Tomato Sauce Stains!

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Biz Stain Remover - Must Have Mom

If there is one thing I never seem to run out of around here it is stained clothes! My kids are always getting stains on their clothes and I am always trying to stay on top of them. I’ve tried a lot of different products. Some worked and some didn’t. Biz has been around since my Grandma’s days of stain removal and is still around!

Biz beats Oxi Clean - Must Have Mom

Biz recently underwent a 21st Century makeover while maintaining the same stain fighting ingredients that made Grandma rely on it. Check out the new bottle! I decided to put it to the test on my kids worst stains and see if it performed as well as they say it does.

Biz Bag - Perfect For Separating Stained Clothes for Treating Before Wash -  Must Have Mom

I got my very own “Biz Bag” which I used to separate out my kids stained clothes from the rest of the laundry. It never fails that a stained shirt will get tossed in the dirty laundry basket and go through the wash without being pre-treated, only to set the stain in the dryer and never be able to get it out. I highly recommend designating a bag for stained clothes only! This ensures you can properly treat stains and save those clothes! Mine hangs on the laundry room door.

Biz Stained Items Before - Must Have Mom

I rounded up some stained clothes which aren’t hard to come by here.

Biz - How to remove grape juice and tomato sauce stains - Must Have Mom

I wanted to put two of the most commonly found stains (at least in my house!) to the test. Grape juice stains and tomato sauce stains seem to be particularly difficult for me to get out of my kids clothes. We drink a lot of grape juice to prevent the stomach flu and my hubby is Italian which means we eat a lot of tomato sauce!


Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients and is formulated to handle all 4 types of stains. No one single ingredient cleans all stains. That’s why Biz uses ingredients to fight all four types of stains and doesn’t cut corners by excluding ingredients from their stain fighting formulation.

Biz shirt after treating stains - Must Have Mom

I poured Biz directly on the grape juice stain and tomato sauce stain and added it to the load of laundry with my homemade laundry detergent. It came out looking white and stain free! I was so impressed that it looked like this after one washing! After having to pre-treat grape juice and tomato sauce stains multiple times in the past, I haven’t ever had such great results after just one wash. Biz did a fantastic job removing the stains!


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Do you remember your Grandma using Biz? Do you use Biz on your laundry?

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  1. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this stuff! I used it ages ago when my older kids were little, and then took a long break between kids, and now I can’t find it anywhere! I’m so glad it’s still out there. Going to go see if I can order it online somewhere.

  2. I SO needed to see this. I recently banned my 6 year old from grape juice (not so proud mommy moment) but with this I can let him have it again.

  3. Stained clothing? That is in no short supply around here either. I am going to have to try this. Juice , ketchup and spaghetti sauce are the prime offenders in my laundry room.

  4. I have never used this before but looks like it works pretty good. With a 1 year old grandson and an 11 year son in the house, I an always dealing with stains.

  5. Need to try this, My son gets constant nose bleeds and he is always wiping his sleeve with them. We have a lot of stained sleeves.

  6. Kids definitely make the worst of clothes worn where they stain them with several dirt and spilling that is hard to wash. Using the best washing agents can sometimes not remove the stains. this product has shown some inspiration in helping me to work with it. Thanks for sharing!!!

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