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My #1 Must Have Baby Product!

That’s right I’m nominating this product as my #1 “Must Have” baby product. This is a big deal! I really love it. It is ingenious, innovative and amazing in design. So what is it? The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light! Trust me once you’ve tried it you will never go back to traditional play yards again.

First of all I am absolutely amazed at the travel crib’s small size when folded up in the bag and at how light it is. It weighs just 11 pounds which makes it really easy to carry and transport. I love that when we put this in our trunk it doesn’t take up much space at all compared to a traditional play yard. And of course it is also much lighter than a traditional play yard. Not to mention it is much easier to set up and take down. No more reading manuals, I promise!

We have taken this crib everywhere with us. It has been to hotels, our cabin, friend’s houses, and it works so well. It is perfect for traveling. It is a great size and fit well between my hotel bed and the wall. It easily fits into guest bedrooms and is comfortable for baby.
I really can’t get over how easy it is to set up and take down. It amazes me that more companies haven’t come up with this first! BabyBjorn has set the bar high and other companies should look to them for the new standard. I love the modern, gender neutral silver color too. You can use the crib for newborns up and kids up to age 3.
Here is my demonstration on just how easy it really is to set up and take down the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light. I think you’ll be surprised!

So there you have it! My #1 Must Have baby product that I can’t live without! Now that I’ve got it I’ll never go back! It is amazing and I absolutely love it. Aiden loves it too! I definitely recommend buying this travel crib above all others. It is worth the extra money to get a product that you’ll love and that ultimately will make your life easier. You also get a lot of use out of it since you can use it up to age 3!
Buy It! You can buy the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light at retailers nationwide which you can locate here. It is also available on Amazon for $216 and up.

Compact, lightweight, sets up and can be taken down in less than a minute, great quality

The only thing I can come up with is that I wish it came with a sheet. I’ve used a crib sheet on it and tucked the little bit of excess under the mattress and it works great though. You can buy a sheet separately for around $39.95.

I knew this crib looked great but until I tried it I had no idea just how awesome it really is! Try it 🙂 You’ll like it!

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  1. I love this! I have heard wonderful things- I am having twins this fall and have a 16 month old..so I can totally use it for travel or to set up somewhere else in the house!

  2. Have you seen the video they have on YouTube on how fast different people can set up this playpen? It's SO simple! Thanks for this review!

  3. The way it folds up SOOOO flat. Amazing! And only 11 pounds? Maybe I'd have a better back if I'd had one of these! LOL!

  4. WOW…with this flat storage I could even keep this at my tiny house for grandkids! I know the Bjorn name speaks for itself. I do know they are a bit more pricey than some, but looks like it is well worth it. I agree with the sheet thing.

    thanks for the great pics and descriptions for this one!

  5. This travel crib looks WONDERFUL! Our pack and play takes forever to set up and take down in addition to taking up half of our trunk when we travel to the cabin on weekends. I think this might go on my Christmas list! I would buy it right now, but it's a little spendy 🙂

  6. I'm glad I read this review because I didn't buy a playard for my first son, and when I have a 2nd child I'll seriously consider this one (if I can afford it). I love that it folds up into a more space convenient size than traditional playards. And I'm a fan of lighter too because we always have so much stuff when we travel with our son!! I'm convinced since you nominated it as #1 must have! Must be great!

  7. I love the shape it folds into. Much easier to pack. We've had a Graco for our first 3 kids, but this has me thinking about investing in one for our new baby.

  8. Great review! I would consider getting one of these but we just got a play yard. My son sleeps in his play yard at the end of our bed.

    I haven't tried travel yet… but i know the play yard would be a hassle to fit in our tiny car. This looks so compact and tiny in comparison.

  9. Please let me know whether you think the mattess is more supportive and comfortable than a pack and play matress. Thank you!

  10. The mattress isn't as firm as other pack 'n play mattresses that I've owned. It is a bit softer but isn't really thick. Maybe a little thicker than an inch. Aiden seems plenty comfy in it though as we use it all the time and he sleeps great in it! I would guess (since I haven't slept on it) that it is more comfortable than the traditional really firm pack 'n play mattress. Seems a little more cozy. Hope this helps you! By the way this is still by far my #1 must have baby product. We've sold our other pack 'n plays or given them away because this is the only one we like and use. It takes up so much less space when traveling too! It can't be beat!


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