Lure Flies Away From Your Party So They Don’t Bother You, Your Food or Your Guests! The Best Fly Traps We Tested!


Attractive Fly Trap

At the end of Summer here in Minnesota we have a major fly problem. They are bothersome all Summer long but for whatever reason, they always get worse at the end of Summer. This year I employed some new strategies to keep flies away from our outdoor parties and our food we put out for the parties. We had an outdoor Birthday party and a BBQ planned and I didn’t want the flies foiling my plans. There is nothing worse than a beautiful buffet of food that’s crawling with flies. Yuck!

This year I tried out the OrnamenTrap Fly Trap which is beautiful and intended to lure flies away from your party so they aren’t bothering you. We hung it on a pretty garden stake and I loved the bronzed look of it. It smells awful which is perfect for the flies that it intends to attract. Simply hang it outside, at least 20 feet from human activity and 20 feet from any home entrances or from insect nests. The idea is to draw the bugs AWAY from where the people are. Just add water and the attractant packet will dissolve and start luring flies to the trap. The traps are non-toxic – insects drown in the water because once they go in, they can’t get back out, which is perfect for my home which is full of kids and a dog!

The true test was the Birthday part we hosted. We had many guests and a table full of food. I saw a grand total of TWO flies the whole party. I was floored. This trap really works. We will be using these every year from now on. After suffering through trying to cover food and put it away right away, only to be grossed out in finding flies in the food, I will NOT be without these again.

Biting Fly Trap

The other problem we have is biting flies. They are particularly bad at our cabin. We put out the TrapStik which is a sticky trap. It uses new VisiLureTM technology to lure insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Biting flies are attracted by the colors and patterns, then are captured on the sticky surface. Just hang the TrapStik® for Biting Flies anywhere there’s a biting fly problem, such as patios, water features, barns, stables or dog runs. They can also be hung inside and on porches.

Fly Trap

Within minutes of hanging it I noticed it had already begun catching flies. These are much more attractive than the old standby fly tape and they work better too. We’ll be having these on hand for the cabin. I’ll hand them near the water where we all sit around the dock and our ankles get bit constantly! No more fly bites for us!


Do you have a fly problem where you live? Check out these effective and attractive fly traps on the Rescue site! Don’t be caught without them, I know I won’t!


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  1. I absolute hate flies around when you have a bunch of food out, its just gross. I will have to try the OrnamenTrap Fly Trap next year, I love the look of it.

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