European Wax Center Comfort Wax System: See It In Action! {Yes I’m Totally Showing You My Leg Wax!}

Summer is coming and I HATE shaving my legs. I hate it. It takes SO much time to do and as a busy Mom of three the last thing I want to do is waste my time shaving my legs all Summer long. So what’s a busy mama to do? Well I heard about European Wax Center and their Comfort Wax System which boasted a more comfortable waxing experience I was a little skeptical that any wax could be less painful. To date I had only had the courage to wax my eyebrows and my legs seemed like so much more ground to cover. I nervously decided to give it a try in hopes that I could save myself the time of shaving and have my legs waxed instead. Waxing lasts longer and that in my book was worth (a little) pain.

When I arrived at the European Wax Center in Roseville, MN I was impressed with the sleek, modern look of the facility. It was clean and well presented and when I’m going to get a body wax that’s exactly what I want to see!

European Wax Center offers a variety of products to help you extend and maintain your wax.

The staff was very professional and friendly. Walking in and feeling quite nervous it was nice to see a friendly, smiling face.

When I arrived I was met by one of the Wax Center’s owners, Karin. She was there to fill me in on the ins and outs of European Wax Center and what sets it apart from the rest. I was impressed to see the wax in solid form. I had actually just been playing with it when I checked in for my waxing and had no idea that this blue substance was actually the wax that would be used! These little blue beads are the secret to the whole operation. It’s the comfort wax system!

Key Benefits Include:

• Applied at warm bath water temperature
• Contains no alcohol
• Made from pure 100% all natural beeswax
• Infused with the finest, highest quality polymers and ingredients

I was impressed as Karin filled me in on the European Wax Center’s commitment to quality and offering their customers the best possible products. She was so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does that it is infectious and makes you want to learn more about it.

When asked about the benefits of a waxing facility being a stand alone business versus a service you receive at the hair salon I loved her answer. She simply said, do you really want to get a Brazilian wax from your hairdresser and then spend the next hour talking to her while she cuts your hair? So true!

Another key benefit to the waxing service at European Wax Center is that their Wax Specialists are trained to work smarter, not faster.  That means that most of their wax services are completed in 15 minutes or less. Who really wants to sit spread eagle for a Brazilian for 45 minutes??

I was called in for my waxing and I was nervous. Despite hearing all of the benefits of the Comfort Wax System I was scared of the pain! I mean come on, your leg is a large area to wax! We started with my eyebrows and that was fantastic. She did an amazing job and they looked perfect. Then we were on to my legs and I was definitely not excited. She applied the first strip. Look at that beautiful blue wax! Isn’t it cool?

Then the part I dreaded, peeling it off! Much to my amazement it really didn’t hurt that much. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t anywhere near what I had built it up in my head to be. It was a fairly painless waxing experience.

As she continued to wax my legs I was comfortable and relaxed for the remainder of the time. She did an amazing job.

She was very thorough and made sure not to miss any spots and even gave me the opportunity to check my legs for any strays. I was amazed. It was a totally wonderful experience and the prospect of not having to shave again any time in the near future was a beautiful thing! This is what every busy mama needs! I LOVE not having to shave my legs in the shower!

I also tried out all of the products that European Wax Center offers. My favorite is the Shape It! I have one eyebrow that has a mind of it’s own and tends to look totally different from the other. It stands straight up and looks ridiculous. I had always been told to try lotion or Vaseline to hold it in place and neither worked very well. The Shape It provides a hold with no alcohol and lasts all day long! It works wonders. If you have eyebrows that need taming I highly recommend it.

If your brows are in need of some fullness then try out the Restore It. It will rev up and restore giving your brows a fuller appearance.

The Slow It Body Wash cleans your skin and helps prevent ingrown hairs. It also calms and soothes and is the perfect post waxing regimen. Follow up with the Slow It Body Lotion which dials down hair density and length. Slow IT Body Lotion Makes Each Waxing Visit Less Ouch-y and More Comfy!

The Post Waxing Exfoliate is one of the coolest products. Karin gave me a demo of this while I was waiting for my wax and it amazed me. We put a little dab on the back of our hand and started rubbing. It was smooth and gentle and not gritty at all. I was a little confused as I thought it was an exfoliate and I wasn’t feeling any scrubbing exfoliates in it. After a short time I started to feel some grit in it. Karin informed me that was my own skin! Crazy!! It was exfoliating the whole time and my dead skin cells were proof. I was floored. Very cool and gentle!

Finish up with their ingrown hair serum. Prevents Ingrown Hairs, Bumps, and Breakouts!

You will feel pampered and ready for Summer with this beauty regimen! The products are top notch and you can feel the quality in them when you use them. If I only had to pick 2 products to use then I would pick the Shape It and the Post Waxing Exfoliate. They are my faves!

Still skeptical? No problem! European Wax Center offers a free wax (brows, underarms, or bikini line or upgrade to a Brazilian for half price, $21) to first time guests as a way for you to try out the Comfort Wax system with no obligation or strings attached! That’s hard to come by these days and I can honestly say that I believe the wax will sell itself to you. It’s amazing and that’s the only reason they are able to offer a free wax to everyone!

This is definitely a luxury service at a reasonable price point (and with less pain than other services!). They also offer wax packages to save you even more money! They even offer a referral program: for every person you refer (and they come in for their free wax), you get 500 points ($5) on your account! This is unlimited….if you refer 10 people who come in, you would have $50 on your account for waxing services or products!

If you are looking for Body Waxing MN then check out the European Wax Center in Roseville, MN. They will take great care of you!! If you aren’t looking for Waxing MN then European Wax Center has locations all over the US! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, promotions and deals!


*I was not compensated for this post. I was provided complimentary wax services for purposes of my review. My opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve been going to EWC for almost 2 years now for bikini line (in CA) and I love it. It’s definitely better than traditional waxing. I’m definitely bummed that there isn’t one in ND (I’m moving there this summer) and I wish there was one closer. My fav product is the in-grown hair serum, definitely soothing after waxing.

  2. “-Made from pure 100% all natural beeswax
    • Infused with the finest, highest quality polymers and ingredients”

    If it’s infused with polymers (plastic), then it is not made of/from pure 100% all natural beeswax. Or are they trying to infer that there is a such thing as unnatural beeswax? This is extremely deceptive marketing!

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