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Mrs. Dash Recipe Challenge + Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip Recipe

Mrs. Dashionista Recipe Challenge

Do you have a favorite recipe? One that everyone at work BEGS you to bring to the potluck, or your family raves over at your events? I have a few “go to” recipes that I enjoy sharing. One of the most embarrassing things, however, is when that “perfect” recipe doesn’t turn out so perfect. Maybe you added to much of one ingredient, or not enough of another. Then this amazing recipe that everyone is expecting, has turned into something else entirely! I know I’m not the only one this has happened to!

I found the perfect solution! Using Mrs. Dash allows me to keep my recipes consistent by delivering the perfect mixture of seasonings and spices each and every time!

Looking for your own unique recipe for your next get together! Give one of these recipes from Mrs. Dash a try! Add your own spin, or create it as is! Whichever you decide, I guarantee you and your guest will not be disappointed!

Here’s one we liked:

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip

Mrs. Dash Recipes
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip  Courtesy of: www.MrsDash.com

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What’s your favorite Mrs. Dash creation

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  1. I have not used Mrs. Dash before, will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing the challenge and the yummy recipe.

  2. What a fun challenge! We use Mrs Dash all the time and I would LOVE to snag some new recipes. I’ll be sure to check them out when voting goes live! Bookmarking for later thanks!

  3. I love Mrs Dash! My mom always used their original seasoning to cook with and now I use them too. I can’t believe how many varieties there are. I can’t wait for the new recipes!

  4. I don’t have a creation to share.
    Wanted to comment that I’ve used several of Mrs Dashes seasonings and they’re great.
    Going to try a few more.
    Love that they’re salt free!

  5. My husband should be using Mrs Dash to decrease his salt intake. I’m going to show him these different seasonings.

  6. I have high blood pressure and my doctor told me to cut my salt but I hate sacrificing flavor. I need to check out these recipes!

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