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How To Host A Potty Training Party! Fun Party Ideas + Free Printables!

How to host a potty training party! Potty Training food ideas, potty training tips and ways to encourage your child to potty train. Free printable potty party signs too!
Potty training is often dreaded by many parents. I know I dreaded it as well. I still have one kiddo to go and two kids who wear Pampers Easy Ups at night still. Potty training doesn’t have to be a dreaded task though. Make it fun and motivate your child. They pick up on the attitude that you emanate towards potty training so rather than gripe about it or get frustrated, why not throw a party instead? Have a potty training party! Not only does it help motivate your kids but you and the other parents at your party will pick up tips from each other and make the road to underwear and easier one!

Make your own DIY lego hand soap! Love this idea!
I hosted my very own potty training party and I’ve got lots of fun ideas and free printables that you can use for your potty training party too! One big hit with the kids was my DIY lego soap. I simply took a bottle of soap and removed the label. Then I added in legos and put the cover back on. It’s a great motivator to help remind the kids to wash their hands each time they use the potty! You could also change this up for girls and add some Barbie shoes or beads to it instead!

Remember to Wash Your Hands Lego Soap for a Potty Training Party!
Then I displayed them on the table along with my sign! Each child got to take one home too! It’s a great way to start the potty training excitement!

I Gotta Go Juice for Potty Training Party! Great Potty Training Party Food Ideas Too!
One tip that we discussed was to encourage your child to drink LOTS of fluids while potty training. This will get them going potty more often and will make the process easier to reinforce with them. I aptly named this “I Gotta Go Juice”.

Serve salty snacks while potty training to encourage increased fluid intake. Great potty training tip!
How do you get your kids to drink more (other than serving yummy juice)? Serve lots of dry and salty snacks! We served up pretzels, animal crackers and plenty of snacks to make the kids thirsty!

Potty Rewards treat jars as favors at a potty training party! Great potty training idea! Free printable Potty Rewards tag too!
One thing that really helped potty train my kids was to provide a reward for them each time they had a successful trip to the potty. For my party I filled up little mason jars with M&M’s and put these cute “Potty Rewards” printable tags on them. I just cut them out with a paper punch and attached them to the lid before screwing the ring on. The kids got to take these home too, but with the stipulation that they had to go on the potty to get a treat!

GoGo To The Potty Snack for Potty Training Party. Great potty training food ideas.
We also served up GoGo Squeeze pouches and labeled them “GoGo To The Potty”. The kids were all over these!

You and me against the pee potty training book
Each guest was also able to take home a copy of  “It’s You and Me Against the Pee…”! Perfect for motivating your child to start potty training and also doubles as a great book to read while they sit on the potty! We shared tips from this free potty training tip guide during our party too!

You Did it! Potty Chart Stickers as a favor at potty training party!
Of course we also had “You Did It!” potty chart stickers ready for the kids. Adding a sticker to their very own potty chart each time they go potty is a great way to reinforce positive behavior and reward them.

Potty Training Photo Booth I did it!
We set up a fun photo booth for the kids and they all got to pick phrases to write on their thought bubbles!

Potty Training Photo Booth I'm A Big Boy
It’s great to use an older sibling who is already potty trained to help motivate and guide the younger sibling. Younger siblings want to be like their big brother or sister and they look up to them so use that to your advantage!

Potty Training Photo Booth Being A Big Kid Is Fun!
Reinforce what is fun about being potty trained and not having to wear a diaper anymore.

Pampers Easy Ups Potty Training Party Ideas
We also gave each of our guests their own Pampers Easy Ups to take home for their potty training journey. I find these invaluable, especially at night, to save me from the middle of the night bedding changes. Pampers Easy Ups come in Thomas designs for boys and Dora designs for girls. They have an underwear like design that also fades when wet to help your child recognize when they are going potty. They have super-stretchy sides to make them easy to pull up and down when using the potty.

Potty Training Party Tips Encourage drinking lots of fluids so kids need to go potty often
The kids kept coming back for more and more juice! When potty training you can dilute the juice with half water so that they aren’t getting as much sugar. Too much juice/sugar can cause them to have loose stools which you definitely don’t want while potty training!

Potty Training Party Tip Serve lots of salty snacks to encourage increased fluid intake which encourages frequent toileting
The kids enjoyed plenty of snacks too!

Pampers Potty Training Party Gift Bags
I doled out the gift bags at the end of the party too! Each guest got a fun swag bag filled with Pampers Easy Ups, a potty training book, potty rewards treats and a lego soap!

Read a potty training book at your potty training party
Danika was more than happy to use her reading skills to read the book to all the kids! This is a great potty training party activity!

Free Potty Training Party Printable Signs
You can get the free printable potty training party signs by clicking the link or the photo. Be sure to select “borderless” when you print these.

Free Potty Training Rewards Sign
Get the free printable potty rewards by clicking the link or the photo.

Our party was a big success and everyone left feeling motivated to begin or continue on in their potty training journey!

What potty training tips do you have? 


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  1. What a great party! My son really needs all the help he can get! I am currently training him and today he did ok and soaked through some underwear.

  2. Such a cute idea! I love the Legos soap. It’s so simple and seems like it would be effective. I use M&M’s as a reward while potty training my son and we’re good to go during the day, but we’re still working on outings and night time.

  3. This is a great idea for a party. I have a few friends that are potty training right now. I used to put cheerios in the toilet for my son to practice his aim.

  4. What a great party to have. This is truly something to celebrate and you have done a bag up job. Love the printables, too… Thanks for sharing…

  5. I love the idea to keep kids hydrated and drinking more while potty training. I’ve always believed in starting the process early and these are great tips!

  6. We are currently struggling with potty training our 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old and it is not going well. We had no trouble with the first four, but these two just flat our refuse to cooperate. Very frustrating.

  7. Totally off topic, I just LOVE your t-shirt! MUST find one! 🙂
    The party seems like a great idea! We are not quite to that stage yet but a number of my friends and I had babies within a couple of months of each other so this could be a lot of fun! Thanks for the post!

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