DIY Edible Finger Paint Recipe For Babies and Toddlers!

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DIY Edible Finger Paint Recipe for Babies and Toddlers

What kid doesn’t love finger paint? I can still remember finger painting as a child. I absolutely loved it. I wanted all of my kids to be able to participate in the joy of finger painting, even my youngest who is a year old. I came up with a great edible finger paint recipe that certainly doesn’t taste good but is completely safe to ingest if your baby or toddler decides to eat it! I found a lot of moms were using things like yogurt or sweetened condensed milk to make edible finger paint for their kids but I wanted a paint that would dry on paper and be safe to hang up and display. I certainly couldn’t do that with yogurt! This recipe is easy and only has 3 ingredients! It’s quick and easy to whip up anytime.

How to make edible finger paint 3 ingredients

Start by adding 2 Tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and 1/3 cup flour to a medium saucepan.

easy finger paint recipe

Then add 2 cups of water and heat your burner on medium. Whisk all the ingredients together until the mixture thickens and becomes smooth. This will take approximately ten minutes over medium heat. Keep continually stirring it until the desired consistency is reached. Then remove from the burner and allow it to cool.

How to make edible finger paint

Once cool, portion it out into four different cups. I used little glass mason jars so I could put a lid on and save it if there was any left (there wasn’t!).

DIY Edible (but not tasty!) Finger Paint

Then add two drops of food coloring to each cup and mix well.

Edible Finger Paint Recipe

Once you are happy with your colors it’s ready to paint with! Just ensure it is completely cooled before letting your little one dig in!

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes For Kids Messes

Before we dug in I also made sure I had plenty of PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes on hand to wipe up messes! Let’s face it, finger paint is messy!

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Edible Finger Paint for babies

I had the most fun watching my one year old discover finger paint. At first he wasn’t sure what to think of it but he was definitely intrigued.

Edible Finger Paint Messy Baby

Then he really started having fun with it! He wasn’t sure if he should throw it and splatter it all over himself or paint with it! He was thrilled! Pure glee and joy at it’s best!

Edible Finger Paint For Toddlers

My three year old had a blast painting with it too. He demanded to have the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes close by because he kept wanting to wipe off his hands. As much as he loved finger painting he also liked being clean!

Edible Finger Paint That Dries

My older two kids also had a blast with it and were creating “fireworks” by dripping the finger paint on their paper. I used posterboard paper for them to paint on so it would be sturdy and not get too soaked as I anticipated there would be an overabundance of paint on the paper!

Toddler finger paint recipe

The wipes were perfect for cleaning up their messy finger paint hands and they were gentle on their little hands so their skin didn’t dry out.

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes for paint clean up

Danika was covered in red finger paint and even she was surprised at how much paint came off on the wipe!

Brady on the other hand was quite a bit more messy! He required several wipes to get all that blue finger paint off! I love that they are gentle enough to use on hands and faces, even for baby!

Toddler Edible Finger Paint Recipe

You can pin this post for later or print off the edible finger paint recipe below!

Rainbow Edible Finger Paint

Sarah | Must Have Mom
Easy edible finger paint for babies and toddlers. Dries on paper and is safe if they ingest it. I used posterboard paper for painting on.
4.75 from 4 votes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Craft Activity
Servings 2


  • 2 Tbsp Sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1/3 C flour
  • 2 C water
  • food coloring
  • cups


  • Add sugar, salt and flour to a medium saucepan.
  • Mix in 2 cups of cold water.
  • Whisk together over medium heat until mixture thickens and becomes smooth. This should take 10-15 minutes approx.
  • Remove from burner and allow to cool completely.
  • Divide mixture into four cups.
  • Add 2 drops of food coloring to each cup and mix well.
  • Allow your child to paint, ensure the mixture is no longer hot.

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  1. I love this finger paint idea! I’ve been wanting to let my 3 year old finger paint, but haven’t wanted to deal with the mess. This is perfect!

  2. what an awesome idea. I am always worried about my kids and they are older, ha… I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Super cool! Funny but one of my kids had sensory issues and hated the feeling of paint. The others don’t mind it at all.

    1. Some kids are particular like that! I know my 3 year old has issues with not liking to be dirty at certain times too.

  4. i love this because i have a 4 yo and a 21 mo and they both like to paint, but i don’t like paint in the mouth! thank you for this great recipe!

    1. You’re welcome! My baby was so thrilled to get to paint! I’ve never let him because everything goes in the mouth. After one little taste of this though he was more interested in painting than he was in eating it! It was nice to know it was safe for him when he put it in his mouth!

    1. I would suggest using thick posterboard-type paper and making sure the paint isn’t too thick so it dries thoroughly.

    1. Hmmm good question. I have always used them within a day so I’m not sure how long they’ll keep. Sorry I’m not of more help!

    1. The sugar helps bring it all together. The edible finger paint isn’t meant to be eaten by babies but is meant to be safe if they do eat it. It doesn’t taste yummy so they likely won’t venture much into their mouth but if they do try it, it won’t harm them. I haven’t tried making it without the sugar but let us know if you try it!

  5. My son painted using your paint recipe. We let the piece dry and then we framed it. Because it contains foods ingredients, will it eventually mold/go bad on the sheet?

    1. It is thicker than paint so you may not have messed up anything. I find the thicker consistency helps the baby play with it easier.

      1. Can these finger paints be stored? Ex. After I have made them can they be stored in the fridge or regular shelf? If yes to either fit how long can they be stored until use.
        Thank you kindly for any assistance you may be able to provide me with.

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