Aiden’s First Birthday Party!

We celebrated Aiden’s Birthday on my site back in October due to the holidays conflicting with doing it this month. His real Birthday is this month and we celebrated it this past weekend. We were lucky enough to receive a fun holiday party kit to make our party even more enjoyable. It was packed with the hottest toys for holiday gift giving this year! I was excited to see how the kids reacted to them and which ones came out on top. Since it was a one year olds Birthday party we didn’t have entertainment so this was a welcome addition to our party! I set up one table with the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory & Play-Doh Shape and Spin Elmo.

The other table was set up with candy canes, coloring pages, Sneaky 3D Puzzle from Patch Products and Small Frys from Build-a-Bear Workshop.

As I anticipated the Play-Doh sets were both VERY popular! They kept all the kids (of varying ages from 2-11) entertained for hours. My nephew even commented that he didn’t want to come to the party because he didn’t think there would be any fun but the Play-Doh was really fun!

The Sneaky 3D Puzzles were fun and the kids loved putting on the 3D glasses that it came with. One lucky family went home with it and they were so excited!

We absolutely love the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory and it is a definite favorite item of ours. I highly recommend this one for a great gift idea. The Elmo Play-Doh set was also very fun and educational as it says shapes as you create them!

One of our little guests got very attached to the Small Fry from Build A Bear Workshop! She was happy to give it a new home!

The kids got to go home with Little Debbie Christmas Cakes and the Moms went home with Smart Mom Solutions notes and envelopes to make school notes and papers easy and organized! One lucky door prize winner also received a Playmobil Child’s First Day at School kit which was adorable!


I also wanted to show you how nice my cupcakes turned out on my Wilton Cupcake Stand! Everyone commented on how beautiful the stand was and what a great idea it is. I highly recommend this Cupcake Dessert Stand as it really makes your cupcakes look great and is a beautiful display.

Remember the Fire Truck Cake Pan that I told you also doubles as a dump truck pan? Well, Ta Da! Didn’t it turn out cute?? I love that the Wilton cakes I make always turn out to be showstoppers. I now have a reputation to maintain as people always come to my kids’ parties to see what cake I have made this time! Everyone immediately went to the cake table when they arrived to check out my cakes 🙂 It’s fun to have them all ooh and ahh over my cakes!

Aiden dug right into his #1 cake! This was the part I was most excited for. I wanted to see what he would do with his cake. He didn’t understand what it was at first but when I cut into it a little to reveal the chocolate cake inside he really dug into it. I started serving the other cake to my guests and came back to find he had eaten a TON of cake. I immediately cut him off and worried he’d be sick that night but thankfully he wasn’t! Apparently he really loved his cake!!

I wanted to share some of these fun pictures with you since I didn’t get to in October! 🙂 Remember to keep the Play-Doh products and the others I talked about in mind for gift ideas. They were really a big hit with all the kids. The Play-Doh Fun Factory is VERY cool!



*I received products for the holiday showcase courtesy of MomSelect. I received no compensation and my opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Lol those cakes are SO cute! Your son is so sweet! 🙂 My son also didn't know what to do with his cake, and really didn't appreciate the mess it made on his hands. He tried and tried to shake the frosting off his hands, but couldn't get it off – therefore starting to whine 🙂 It's so fun to see them devour cake though. I cant wait to see what my son does for his second birthday party (this friday!)

  2. Happy happy burfing day Aiden…and many many more~!! What a groovy party…I want an invite to one of your parties…it looked like SOOO much fun and I'm sure I'd get a kick out of all that play~doh…hehe…and your cake is just gorgeous…good show Mom & Dad~!!

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