50 Stocking Stuffers For Kids!

We’ve compiled a list of stocking stuffers for kids to help inspire you and help you find the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Be sure to pin this for later!


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50 Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Stocking stuffers for kids are so much fun but it can be hard to come up with good ideas. This list of 50 kids stocking stuffers should help you get some great ideas for your kid’s stockings! We have a bunch of stocking stuffers for kids including toys and non-toy stocking stuffers, along with some out-of-the-box ideas.

  1. Unicorn Poop Slime
  2. Lego Unikitty
  3. Glow In The Dark Slime
  4. Moosh Plush Toy
  5. Swim goggles
  6. Super Detangling Duo
  7. Thermal-Aid Cooling Pack Bear
  8. Hairbrush (wet brush is our fave)
  9. SkipBo game
  10. Mini Lego set
  11. Indoor rubber hockey pucks
  12. Knit gloves
  13. Blink game
  14. Nail polish (Piggy Paint is non-toxic for little ones)
  15. Bath foam (this is my kid’s favorite bath foam)
  16. Kids stainless water bottle
  17. Fun socks
  18. Bubblegum toothpaste
  19. Post It Notes (my kids love stealing mine so they love having their own!)
  20. Spot It Game
  21. Bead kit for making jewelry
  22. Hot Wheels cars
  23. Fresh Monster body wash
  24. Crayons
  25. Playmobil figure
  26. Sunglasses
  27. Thermos container
  28. Lip Balm
  29. Lush Fun Bath Tub Play Dough (make your own Lush Fun here)
  30. Small snack packs
  31. Amazon gift card
  32. Movie theater box candy
  33. Yo-Yo
  34. Movie gift card
  35. Scratch Art mini notes (these are so fun!)
  36. Stocking hat
  37. Slipper socks
  38. Bath Fizzy’s
  39. Bouncy ball
  40. Mini candy canes
  41. WikkiStix (these are super fun!)
  42. Bubbles
  43. Scented markers
  44. Glow sticks
  45. Puzzle balls
  46. Dive toys
  47. Rubik’s cube
  48. Harmonica
  49. Modeling Clay
  50. Silly putty


kids stocking stuffers


I hope this list of stocking stuffers for kids helps you find some creative ideas for your children’s stockings! I love to also include anything they will use up which won’t contribute to the clutter in our home. Things like toothbrushes, bath crayons, disposable items, etc are great because they use them and then they are gone!


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