5 Reasons to Use HIBICLENS Antimicrobial Soap for Everyday Hygiene


HIBICLENS Soap For Families

Keeping your family healthy everyday is a top priority for us. After all, a healthy life is a fun life. HIBICLENS® is a medical grade antimicrobial hand soap trusted by hospitals, healthcare professionals, and moms as a skin cleansing antiseptic. Our impressive pink soap is not only tough on germs – killing them on contact – it’s gentle enough for everyday use on the most sensitive skin. Here are some reasons for you to consider using HIBICLENS:

1. There are Germs at Home

On average, you come in contact with 840,000 germs every 30 minutes according to the 2011 Tork® Report. These same germs cause everything from the common cold to staph infections. The fight against infection and disease begins at home, so you need a solution that’s convenient for at-home use but lasts long enough to protect you after leaving for the day.

2. There are Germs Outside

Parks, playgrounds, and indoor party facilities (like skating rinks and gaming places) are staples of every childhood. If you’re a parent who is concerned about the cleanliness of these areas, you have a reason to be. Research from the University of Arizona College of Public Health found that your local playground is more germ infested than a public bathroom! Using HIBICLENS before a family outing will give your family the protection it needs to fight against germs.

3. It’s Gentle

If you or anyone in your family has sensitive skin, HIBICLENS offers a gentle option for cleaning and protecting your hands against germs (based on findings from the PRACs Report #R05-0225). This is excellent if you suffer from dry skin, allergies, or eczema. The product is also safe for use by pregnant moms.

4. HIBICLENS Kills Germs on Contact

HIBICLENS is strong enough to kill disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and fungi on contact. It will help prevent cross-infection of dangerous staph infections (including the “superbug” MRSA) and Influenza. It’s also effective in killing the germs that lead to the common cold, Salmonella, and Hantavirus. Our goal is to help curb the spread of infectious diseases worldwide by using HIBICLENS.

5. HIBICLENS Protects for up to 24 Hours

Most antimicrobial soaps can’t protect your skin from germs for up to 24 hours. HIBICLENS can (according to MBT Study No. 582-106, Study Protocol # 582. With many other antibacterial soap products, your hands become germ-infested as soon as you come in contact with another surface after washing. HIBICLENS is resilient. With its long-lasting protection, you can be confident that you and your children are protected after a simple morning hand wash with HIBICLENS.

Washing your hands with HIBICLENS is a simple process: thoroughly rinse your hands or the area to be cleansed with water. Apply 5 mL (about 1 teaspoon) of HIBICLENS to your cupped hands and gently wash them with warm water for at least 15 seconds. Rinse and dry thoroughly and that’s it! HIBICLENS’s active antiseptic agent (Chlorhexidine Gluconate [CHG]) kills the germs on your hands on contact!

Are you ready to make HIBICLENS antimicrobial soap a staple of your family’s daily regimen for good hygiene? You can find more information on HIBICLENS and a coupon at hibiclens.com.

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  1. Germs are everywhere and I do not have time for my family to get sick, so I will do whatever I can to fight off the germs!

  2. This sounds like a great soap. I like that it can protect you for up to 24 hours and that they have a sensitive skin option.

  3. I work at a hospital and use a similar hand soap all day. It’s good but so drying!! I much prefer my Bath and Body Works soaps at home, they smell good and are moisturizing!

    1. This soap you only use once a day Ricci. So you could use it in the am before work and then when you return you can continue to use your favorite soaps for normal handwashing!

  4. If I start thinking about how many germs there are around us every minute of every day I start wanting to live in a bubble. I love antimicrobial soaps, but the ones I have used in the past end up drying my skin a lot. I definitely have to try the hibiclens brand.

  5. As a Nurse Practitioner, we do recommend Hibiclens as a daily soap for people that have diagnosed skin issues and are prone to staph infections. It is a very gentle soap for the skin, but can be drying depending on your skin type. It is very important to keep your hands washed to prevent germs from spreading!

    1. I’m surprised to hear that Kelly! I use it daily and find my hands are less dried out since I don’t use hand sanitizer as often anymore. The hand sanitizer actually really dried out my skin.

  6. Oh wow, that’s some scary facts about germs. I will have to get some of this Hibiclens.

  7. Looks like a really great soap to use. I’ve used plenty through the years. It’s great, but won’t deter all the germs, especially airborn. Now, if we could have a product that you could spray around your body and create an invisible buffer against the airborn ones…. ah, my scifi mind is in overdrive… lol

  8. I love that it’s gentle because some people have sensitive skin and skin allergies. This is a product that is ideal to be used by pregnant moms as well.

  9. I love the fact that it continues to protect you from germs for a full 24 hours. I need to get some to use before I go bowling. (We high five and fist bump several people all night long – it’s a real germ fest!)

    1. Lol yes bowling certainly can be a germ fest 🙂 I wash with it every morning. It’s nice to know I’m protected all day!

  10. I will have to look more into this! With a toddler in preschool germs are everywhere and ughhh… Nothing worse than a sick kiddo!

  11. This perfect for a germphobe with sensitive skin. And I’m totally talking about me. My hands are always irritated since I wash them so much!

  12. If I stop to think of all the germs that are out there, I would never eat at a restaurant or go to a public place. I love how our bodies naturally build up tolerances to certain germs, viruses and bacteria. The ones that really scare me are the superbugs and MRSA.

  13. I have never heard of this soap but I love everythig that it takes care of. I’ll have to try this out!

  14. My surgeon recommended it to me due to me having MRSA. I contracted MRSA in 2013 from a lengthy hospital stay after surgery. I have had 12 surgeries now. Everytime I have surgery since 2013 my incision opens up and I have a lot of major complications normally leading to me wearing a vac to properly heal. I love HIBICLENS especially having four children. I use it daily to shower with, so not just on my hands, per surgeons orders. I miss my smelly body wash, but I am okay with not using them knowing this is keeping the germs at bay. I definitely do not want my children getting MRSA. I do not wish for anyone to have to deal with it. It is horrible. Hibiclens is a WONDERFUL product. Since using it, I have not had any MRSA outbreaks/boils either that I tend to get since 2013. Highly recommend this to EVERYONE for all germs.

    1. Oh wow what a frustrating health problem to have to deal with. MRSA is no joke! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a terrible time keeping it in check. I’m glad you found Hibiclens soap to help. I’d also suggest taking a daily probiotic to help your good flora flourish and keep the bad stuff in check!

  15. I love this stuff after being introduced to it as a required wash before having surgery, even though the hospital would later do their own due diligence. It has been 9 years since and this product along with Dettol are holy grails of antibacterial warfare. I use it to wash my makeup brushes, sponges, etc. Any time there is a cut or scrape. Recently used to clean out a bad asphalt scrape for a moron pre-teen kid who wiped out on a scateboard after nearly running me over from the back in the middle of a weekend walk. We used my H-clense from my ever-present travel silicone bottle, bottled water and a piece of clean tshirt to protect this fool’s knee and clean out his shredded chin. He thought I was running over to smack him, initially. I told him that he is too toung to destroy his face with battle scars and wrote down “Hibiclens, Arnica cream and neosporin” as his ‘homework’. If he keeps it up, he should at least carry some with him!
    (In US Dettol is carried in most Indian stores and has a ton of uses, including five drops dissolved in a glass of water as an anti- bacterial rinse that is reallly deadly to microorganisms. My UK friend remembers soaking in a tub of water with 8 oz of Dettol fro 20 mins as a kid before bedtime and was rarely sick.)
    The key is not only washing well, bit more importantly thoroughly covering areas and letting product stay on for some time. We do not need a lot if products, just those which work for many uses.

    1. This is great info! Thank you for sharing. How kind of you to take care of the kid that fell!! We also love Arnica cream for various issues. I loved reading about your experience with Hibiclens. Thanks for taking the time to share it with all of us.

  16. Man, this article is dangerous.

    I personally contracted an infectious disease after surgery a few years ago, and hibiclens has literally been a life saver for me. It’s rid my skin of the harmful bacteria, and has helped me get back to a normal life. Every doctor I have ever spoken to (dozens…including specialists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN) has cautioned me about using Hibiclens more than twice a week.

    That being said, someone with a healthy body/skin floura has no need to use hibiclens every day, and doing so can be dangerous for your health. You’re killing ALL of the bacteria (good and bad) on your skin. These good bacteria help keep you healthy. And the bad bacteria build your immune system up over time. By ridding your hands or your childrens’ hands from these relatively normal bad bacteria, you’ll compromise their immune system and put them at further risk for not being able to fight off a more harmful bacteria in the future.

    There are obviously right times and wrong times to use hibiclens if your skin is healthy. After a doctor’s appointment? Yes…use it because your chance of being exposed to a serious bug has increased. You’re at work and have a meeting with someone with a cold? Yes…use it because your chance of catching it is increased due to direct exposure. You went grocery shopping and heard a small child cough? Nah…skip it…unless it’s the middle of flu season and that cough sounds croupy.

    1. I have to disagree with some of what you said. Hibiclens is used daily in hospitals by surgeons and OR staff everyday all day and does not lead to them having a compromised immune system. It’s not any different than using antibacterial soap each time that you wash your hands other than the fact that this continues to work for 24 hours and regular antibacterial soap does not. We no longer use it daily but my kids used it daily for YEARS with zero ill effects from it. Their little immune systems are inundated with germs at school and keeping some of those away by using Hibiclens is very helpful as their immune systems are developing. I myself am a Registered Nurse and also used Hibiclens regularly with no ill effects. I think you can find a happy medium and use Hibiclens when you are exposed to germs but there isn’t a need to use it every day. Thanks for your input. We always value different opinions here.

  17. All my life I have had issues with ALL underarm deodorants, but they were a necessary evil. Using them would cause that area to itch like crazy.
    Expensive prescription creams would keep the itching at bay, but over time would thin my skin. On a hunch, I tried washing (and rinsing) under my arms with Hibiclens and using NO deodorant. The results? No body odor all day and all night and NO ITCHING!!! What a great product this is.

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