15 Money Saving Ways To Use Mouthwash (And Save Yourself In A Pinch!)

15 Money Saving Ways To Use Mouthwash (That will save you in a pinch!) - Must Have Mom

I bet you didn’t know all the ways you can use mouthwash! I have to admit that while I fully intend to rinse my mouth twice a day, rarely do I actually follow through on this healthy habit. I do however have a healthy stockpile of mouthwash thanks to some couponing and a lack of healthy habits on my part 🙂 Here are 15 money saving ways to use mouthwash that will probably save you in a pinch! These are especially useful when traveling! Make sure to throw that travel size mouthwash in your beauty bag!

It’s important to check the ingredients of your mouthwash. It should be alcohol based and free of any sugar. Then proceed to use for the following:

1.) Nail Fungus Treatment: Have thick, discolored toenails or fingernails? The culprit is nail fungus and it can be tough to get rid of. Use mouthwash in a 1:1 solution of mouthwash and vinegar. Apply to fungus with a cotton ball 3 times daily for 2-3 weeks and you will start to see results.

2.) Hand Sanitizer: The alcohol in mouthwash serves as an excellent germ killer not just for your mouth, but also for your hands. Once again be sure your mouthwash is sugar free so you aren’t a sticky mess! Keep in a spritzer bottle for easy application.

3.) Deodorant: How many times have you gone on a trip and forgot deodorant? Well, if you’ve got mouthwash then that will work! If you’ve just shaved beware as the alcohol can sting! Apply with a cotton ball and the mouthwash will get to work killing the cause of the odor, bacteria.

4.) Piercing Care: Use mouthwash on a cotton ball to clean piercings. The alcohol will do the job of ridding any bacteria.

5.) Athlete’s Foot: Much like the nail fungus treatment mouthwash will also work on Athlete’s Foot. Apply using a cotton ball twice daily. You should see improvement in a few days time.

6.) Bruise Treatment: Apply mouthwash to the site of the bruise before it gets discolored and nasty to help lessen the appearance the following day.

7.) Remove Garlic and cooking odors from hands: Just pour mouthwash on your hands after handling garlic, onions or whatever icky odors might be lurking on your hands and let them air dry.

8.) Clean cuts and scrapes: The alcohol in the mouthwash serves to kill bacteria in a wound. Just pour over the wound, let dry and apply a Band-Aid.

9.) Get rid of dandruff: No fancy shampoo required! Just mix up a 1:1 solution of mouthwash and water (ie 1/2 cup mouthwash and 1/2 cup water) and rinse hair with it after shampooing with your normal shampoo. You should see the dandruff disappear after a few treatments!

10.) Keep flowers fresh: Mix 1 Tbsp mouthwash to every two quarts of water and fill your vases with it. It will kill the bacteria that speed up decomposition in flowers thus keeping them pretty longer!

11.) Stinky laundry cleaner: Have really smelly laundry? Stinky socks? Sports uniforms? Mix one cup of mouthwash in your laundry cycle and the mouthwash will kill odor causing bacteria that normally gets left behind in the wash!

12.) Toothbrush Sanitizer: Every heard that you should toss your toothbrush after being sick? Don’t toss it! Just clean it with mouthwash. The alcohol in it will kill the bacteria and leave your toothbrush fresh and clean.

13.) Poison Ivy Treatment: Got a case of poison ivy? Apply mouthwash and it will relieve itching and help speed up the healing process.

14.) Clean your toilet: Pour 1/4 cup mouthwash in your toilet bowl and let sit for half an hour. Give it a swish with the toilet brush and flush. It will be sparkling clean and bacteria free.

15.) Fancy facial astringent without the hefty price tag: Wash your face as normal, then apply mouthwash with a cotton ball, just as you would an astringent. It will tingle a little which is normal. Rinse with warm water and follow with a splash of cold water to close your pores. Your skin will be refreshed and clean!


Did you know there were so many uses for mouthwash? Do you have any to add?

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