How To Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In 5 Seconds Or Less!

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Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie in under 5 seconds!

If you are one of those moms who love to make DIY things for your kids but doesn’t have a lot of time then this post is for you! I can’t tell you how often I have good intentions to sit down and make pretty hair bows for my daughter and then I get too busy and I don’t do it. These DIY button hair ties are the perfect quick project to load up your daughter’s basket of hair ties without a big time commitment. In fact these button hair ties will be done in under 5 seconds! How is that for a quick, easy DIY hair tie?!

Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In Under 5 Seconds!

You’ll need hair ties and buttons. The key here is to get buttons with shanks on them.

Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In Under 5 Seconds!

Shanks are the raised part on the back that you would normally use to sew the button to a garment. In this case we’ll be using that to thread the hair tie through.

Begin by threading the hair tie part way through the button shank.

Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In Under 5 Seconds!

Next pull one side of the hair tie through the other to create a slip knot around the button shank.

Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In Under 5 Seconds!

That’s it! You’re done. Yup, it was that easy! Now make a bunch more because in just a few minutes time you’ll have a whole slew of them.

Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In Under 5 Seconds!

You can even enlist the help of your daughter on this easy DIY project!

Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In Under 5 Seconds!

Next get out the styling tools and start fixing your kiddo’s hair. We LOVE the new SoCozy products at Target. I told you of my love for their boo! line of products which help repel lice. We’ve been using those every school day and I love having that added protection against lice! On the weekends and over the Summer we use the SoCozy 3 in 1 shampoo, the detangler and the styling cream. We LOVE the fruity scent and they leave Danika’s hair feeling soft and looking beautiful! I especially like the modern design of the detangler bottle and how easy it is to spray, unlike many detanglers I have used in the past. Plus it leaves Danika’s hair tangle free for easy, tear free hair styles! The styling cream is perfect for finishing off her hairstyles and ensuring they stay put without flyaways plaguing her all day.

Turn A Button Into A Hair Tie In Under 5 Seconds!

Then just use your cute button pony tail hair ties to spice up those boring pony tails! Isn’t it cute?!

SoCozy is all about helping moms and dads give their kids easy hairstyles that look great. Need some inspiration? Check out their YouTube channel for lots of fun hairstyles that are easy to pull off. Here is one of my favorites, the mermaid fishtail! Love how adorable it is and it’s great for Summer style too!

You can find all of our favorite SoCozy products at Target, including the boo! line.


What is your favorite way to style your child’s hair?


  1. so super cute and easy! I have got to try hi!
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  5. vickie Couturier says:
    how adorable,love the ideal,i know some ppl that have some old buttons great way to recycle
  6. THat does look quick and easy!
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  12. I've seen this done as rings before but never thought to do it for hair ties. Great idea!
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  14. Such a great idea! They're all adorable--I can't decide which one I like best.

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