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BBQ Tablescape Ideas -- Must Have Mom

This weekend I hosted a BBQ for my family. We don’t get together often enough and after a long Minnesota Winter it was time to come out of hibernation and get social again! I planned a great BBQ for the family, pulled out my grilling recipes and when the weather didn’t cooperate, we just moved the party indoors and we had an amazing time. Everyone loved my tablescape ideas so I had to share them with you because they are EASY but make a big impression!

BBQ Tablescape Ideas - Must Have Mom

Start with the tablecloth. I went with a standard red and white picnic print tablecloth to set the BBQ mood. I stuck with a mason jar theme and used it throughout my table. I found adorable mason jar salt and pepper shakers for under $1 each at Walmart. I also bought red, white and blue handkerchiefs and folded them in a pinwheel shape and put them on top of each plate. See my tutorial on how to fold a pinwheel napkin for folding instructions. I used a small jelly jar with a tealight in it for my candles.

BBQ Place Setting - Must Have Mom

For each place setting I started with a white and blue plate, topped it with a pinwheel napkin and to finish it off I used a mason jar filled with a picnic napkin, silverware and tied with twine. The mason jar serves as their glass and everything is held neatly together inside it. This is great if it is a windy day because you won’t have anything blowing away!

DIY Mason Jar Kids Cup - Must Have Mom

For the kids cups I used a jelly jar and topped it with a muffin liner and screwed the band around it. Then pop in a fun paper straw and they have their own kids cup!

Fruit Flower Pot Arrangement - Must Have Mom

Instead of flowers I chose to go the edible route and use a fruit flower pot arrangement! I started with a tin pail and put floral foam inside. I topped it with edible grass (which I found on clearance after Easter!) and inserted fruit skewers in it. They make for adorable fruit flowers in the center of the table and the kids especially loved eating those fruit flowers!

Hillshire Farms American Craft Sausages - Must Have Mom #AmericanCraft #Shop

For the menu we decided on doing Hillshire Farm American Craft Sausages on the grill. We taste tested the different varieties and decided to serve three different flavors at our BBQ: Garlic & Onion, Smoky Bourbon and Jalapeno & Cheddar. Find them in the meat section at Walmart by all the sausages and hot dogs.

Hillshire Farms #AmericanCraft Sausage - Must Have Mom #Shop

Then #StartYourGrill and get some beautiful grill marks on those sausages! It’s a blank canvas just waiting to be dressed 🙂

I love these little deli baskets for picnics. They work great!

BBQ - Sausage Fixings Bar - Must Have Mom

Then let your guests dress their sausage however they’d like! I did a sausage fixings bar with relish, onions, green peppers and fried onions along with ketchup & mustard. Everyone loved all the options to top their sausages with.

BBQ Side Dishes - Must Have Mom

Don’t forget the sides! For our BBQ we served grilled corn on the cob, Loaded potato foil packs, Texas Caviar and mini fruit pizzas for dessert! It was a full menu and it was SO delicious!

BBQ Sides - Texas Caviar Recipe - Must Have Mom

Texas Caviar can be made ahead of time and is so fresh and delicious. It doubles as an appetizer that guests can snack on while waiting for the meal to be done. Get my Texas Caviar recipe here.

BBQ Sides Loaded Potato Foil Packs - Must Have Mom

These loaded potato foil packs were easy and so yummy. The perfect BBQ side because you can cook them right on the grill!

Yields 7

Loaded Potato Foil Packs

Easy, delicious potato packs you can cook in the oven or on the grill.

15 minPrep Time

1 hrCook Time

1 hr, 15 Total Time

Save Recipe


  • 5# Bag Yukon Gold Potatoes, washed and diced to about 1" cubes-no need to peel
  • 1# Bacon, chopped and fried until crispy
  • 1 Cup Shredded Cheese (I used Colby)
  • 1/4 Cup chopped green onion
  • 7 Tbsp Butter cut in 1 Tbsp portions
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Aluminum Foil


  1. Tear off 7 squares of aluminum foil 12"x12"
  2. Portion cubed potatoes, crisped bacon, cheese and green onions onto the center of each foil square.
  3. Season with salt and pepper
  4. Top with 1 Tbsp of butter on each foil square
  5. Fold up foil lengthwise and roll shut then roll up the sides so it forms a sealed packet
  6. Cook at 450 degrees for one hour or cook on the grill. Grilling times will vary depending on what else you are cooking and the temperature of your grill.
  7. Open your packet and enjoy!
Recipe Type: Side Dish

Family BBQ Party - Must Have Mom

We had such a wonderful time visiting and eating together. We decided that we need to get together more often and will take turns hosting. My Stepmother is so fantastic at tablescape and fun ideas. She always has the best themes for our get togethers.

Which of these BBQ party ideas is your favorite?

*This #AmericanCraft Sausage #StartYourGrill post brought to you in collaboration with #CollectiveBias. All opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


  1. What a great party idea. We love having BBQ's in the summertime.
  2. I love the little pinwheel napkins! So cute!
  3. Love the pinwheel napkins! It looks like everyone had so much fun!
  4. Oh my gosh does that ever look fun! I'm not usually that "festive" but you have inspired me to try. The pinwheel napkins are super cute and the food looks amazing!
  5. Such a cute set up for a party! I love the edible fruit flower pot!
  6. Oh my goodness; this is such a fun party idea! And perfect timing for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend when everyone is going to be BBQing! I'm so in love with your tablescape tips! And love that "kid cup"! Brilliant; just brilliant! #client
  7. So pretty! Makes me ready for the 4th of July.
  8. Oh my goodness what a great party! I love all of the decorations. You make me want to run to the store and stock up on barbecue items. I am so ready to fire up the grill.
  9. The fruit bouquets are a nice touch.
  10. Very cute ideas. Love the fruit bouquets.
  11. Sooooo cute, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the edible arrangement you made. It honestly never occurred to me to make my own. Such cute ideas!
  12. My kids would go for your fruit on a stick centerpeices. They are sure anything on a stick just tastes better! Love the idea to decorate with them.
  13. I love the fruit on skewers, but I also love the potatoes in foil. Yum!
  14. i always want to do the fruit skewers. looks like a great spread
  15. Holy cow I'm in love with this theme. I wish I could do a party like this and be noticed. We make loaded potatoes like that when we're camping. It's perfect and easy.
  16. I love your table setting and the cute centerpieces! You did a great job planning this bbq. Also a big fan of Texas Caviar, I could eat a whole bowl of that.
  17. shelly peterson says:
    Great party ideas! the Loaded Potato Foil Packs look delicious.
  18. Barbara Kesterson says:
    Wow what great ideas. Love your ideas and especially the fruit skewers for decoration, so adorable.
  19. nicole dziedzic says:
    The setup and decor look amazing! Not to mention the food! Pretty impressive! Makes me want to throw a BBQ party.


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