What to do with your over ripe fruit! Do It Yourself Smoothie Kits!

Last week berries were on sale at the grocery store. I bought a bunch and made our favorite fruit dip recipe and we ate a ton. Well today I looked in the fridge and realized we forgot about the rest of the fruit and it was too ripe to eat. So what to do with my over ripe fruit? Make do it yourself smoothie kits of course!

All you need to do to fill up your freezer with ready to make smoothie kits is to wash and clean your fruit. I cut up my strawberries too since our blender isn’t the greatest.

Once you’ve cleaned and cut your fruit divvy it up into sandwich bags and freeze flat in the freezer. You want to make sure and separate the fruit and lay it flat until it is frozen or you will end up with one big clump of frozen fruit for your blender to try and get through. I add a cup of apple juice to ours and blend. You can also use other kinds of juice like pineapple. These are a cheap, easy way to have smoothies readily available in your freezer. They are also the perfect use for your over ripe fruit! Enjoy!


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