The Best Craft Kits For Kids

My kids love crafting but it can be hard to keep coming up with quick ideas for them. I found the best craft kits for kids and the best news? They’ll send a new one each month! Plus, I snagged some killer discounts on them for you too!


boy holding young woodworkers kit club turbo racer project


Best Craft Kits For Kids

It can be really hard to find quality craft kits for kids. I started out doing my own crafts with them and they loved it, but as time went by I had less and less time to put together fun ideas. I went on the hunt for craft kits for kids and found some really cool “clubs” that will send your child a fun craft kit each month. We tried out two of them, Creative Girls Club and Young Woodworkers Club, and found we really love them. I’ll show you why they stood out from the crowd.


Creative girls club project kits


Best Craft Kits for Girls

My daughter adores crafting. She is a far better artist than I am and when I found Creative Girls Club I knew it was right up her alley. We got two kits at just $1.99 each! They sent a gorgeous dreamcatcher kit and “Dream” block set. My daughter Danika couldn’t wait to dive in.


Creative Girls Club dreamcatcher kit contents


The dreamcatcher set came with everything she needed to create a colorful dreamcatcher adorned with peacock feathers and ribbons. She spent several days creating it and following the directions and in the end had a gorgeous dreamcatcher that she made herself!


Creative Girls Club dream block kit contents


She also received the “dream” block set. She painted the wood blocks and adhered the letters and stickers to them and the end result was an inspiring block set that she decorated her room with.


Completed Creative Girls Club Dream Blocks and Dreamcatcher projects


Creative Girls Club Discount

Get your first Creative Girls Club order at 80% off with this link! Your receive 2 kits $1.99 each (plus postage and processing). In your future shipments, you will also receive 2 kits, but they are 9.99 each (plus postage and processing). You can cancel at any time, but trust me, you won’t want to!


Young Woodworkers Kit Club Turbo Racer Set


Best Craft Kits for Boys

It can be really tough to find creative craft kits for BOYS! Most craft kits are aimed at girls. The best craft kits for boys are found at Young Woodworkers Kit Club! They have a really fun kit they’ll send AND the first three shipments even include FIVE free tools. Aiden received this really fun kit that also included a very nice hammer. The hammer is really well made and heavy. Definitely not a cheaply made tool. These are quality tools that will last. Of course, these kits are not just for boys, girls love them too!


Young Woodworkers Kit Contents for Turbo Racer Project


These kits are geared towards kids ages 7-12 years old. The thing we love about these kits is that it involves REAL woodworking with tools and nails. This is not a wood project that they simply glue together. They learn real lifelong skills and it provides a great foundation for working with their hands. It also provided a great opportunity for Aiden and his Dad to work together on a Father Son project! It delivered a myriad of positive benefits that we didn’t really think about when ordering.


Turbo Racer Project Finished


Young Woodworkers Kit Club & Creative Girls Club Video Review

My kids had a blast with the Creative Girls Club and Young Woodworkers Kit Club projects. We thought what better way to show you how cool it is than to actually show you via video. Here’s what Aiden and Danika think of the kits they received.



Young Woodworkers Kit Club Discount

Get your first Young Woodworkers Kit shipment for 50% off with this link. Your receive 1 kit for $9.99 (plus postage and processing). Your future shipments will contain 1 kit for $19.99 (plus postage and processing). You receive 5 free tools in your first three shipments and of course, you can cancel at any time.


Pin Best Craft Kits For Boys

Best craft ideas and boys crafts kits.


Pin Best Craft Kits For Girls


Best craft kits for girls! Fun girls crafts with all the supplies and discount code.

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  1. I love this young person wood working kit. I think it will be a great gift for some young kids I know this Easter.

  2. My boys used to love to craft, but now that they are tween/teens they want nothing to do with it. Thank god that I have 11 younger nieces and nephews that I can do this kind stuff with.

  3. These look like so much fun, and I know my grand kids would love this! I’m always looking for something fun to do when they visit, this looks like the perfect solution.

  4. What a fun idea! My son is just starting to show interest in crafts – I’ll have to keep this in mind. He’d love building that car!

  5. Great birthday gift ideas. My daughter would love that racer one. She loves to build wood things so that would be perfect for her.

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