NEW! Luvs Nightlock Diapers Keep Baby Dry All Night Long! {Review & Giveaway + Luvs Printable Coupon}

*This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Luvs. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Luvs Nightlock Diapers

One thing we all want in the morning is a dry baby! We certainly don’t want to go in and get our child out of bed to find their diaper has leaked and they are wet and cold. Luvs is coming out with an all NEW Nightlock Diaper to keep baby dry all night long. Luvs with Night Lock isn’t available on retailer shelves nationwide until September 16th, but Luvs is giving me the opportunity to try them out and give you a sneak peak ahead of time!

Luvs Nightlock Diapers

Luvs NightLock diapers offer the largest absorbancy area EVER. I have always had a great experience using Luvs diapers and their new NightLock are no exception. No matter what Carson had to drink before bedtime they hold up to the task and do not leak.That means that he sleeps better and I do too!

Luvs Nightlock Diapers

The Leak Barrier Leg Gathers to ensure leaks are kept away from PJs and in the diaper – where they belong!

Luvs Nightlock Diapers

They fit Carson really well and come in two cute designs. They don’t leave any red marks on him and they move with him so he isn’t leaking or coming out of his diaper.

Luvs Nightlock Diapers

You’ve got nothing to lose by ditching your name brand diapers and giving Luvs a try. The Luvs Money Back Guarantee (they feel so strongly about their diapers, they’ve guaranteed them!) ensures that you will be happy or your money back!

Luvs Nightlock Diapers

Be sure to watch for Luvs new NightLock diapers to hit shelves September 16th! Plus, beginning September 16, 2013, to coincide with Luvs with Night Lock appearing on shelves, for the first time EVER, Luvs will be offering print-at-home coupons WooHoo! Luvs already offers a big savings on their retail prices when compared to name brands so when you pair that with a coupon you will really be raking in the savings!

September 16th will also see Luvs releasing a new series of their beloved “First Kid/Second Kid” commercials on their YouTube page ( If you haven’t seen them yet, I have to tell you that they are pretty comical. Definitely some that I can relate to!

You can also follow Luvs on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news!

Win! One reader will win a package of Luvs NEW NightLock Diapers!

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  1. My three year old is potty trained but she still wets at night. She wets through her “nighttime pants” on a regular basis, which is a real bummer.

  2. we really like pampers baby dry for night time and luvs for the day! I would love if luvs made a comparable diaper for nighttime because they are a lot cheaper!

  3. My daughter is a heavy wetter and it would be nice to not have to change her and the sheets in the middle of the night.

  4. My granddaughter is a very heavy drinker, therefore, a very heavy wetter. We are constantly having leak issues, these would be great!

  5. I already use the original Luvs on my grandson would love to try out the new Nightlock diapers and see how well they work at night.

  6. DD just started sleeping for a longer stretch at night I’d like trying an overnight diaper now that she is sleeping a little longer.

  7. I’m excited about these and will definitely be giving them a try. Currently for nighttime I use the huggies overnights and they’re soooo expensive, glad to see LUVS has overnighters now too!

  8. when i use disposables I buy Luvs more than any other brand. I would love to try these new ones because I am already happy with them…any improvements just make them all the more great

  9. I want to try them because my son isn’t potty trained at 3 yet and many of the diapers we have tried leave red marks on it because they are too tight fitting.

  10. I have a boy who and he seems to pee the most at night. I would love to try this to see if it would help with the leaking.

  11. My guy is at an age that he only wets some nights. Most, he does not. However, when he does, it’s a huge volume of wet, and gets everywhere. I am still looking for something that keeps it all in the diaper or pull up, and I would love to try these!

  12. I’d love to give Luvs a try. My little guy often wets through his diaper at night. Lots of changing and washing sheets going on 🙁

  13. I’ve used Luvs from the time my daughter was born and she turned 2 in May. I LOVE them! So the night lock would be awesome. We’re about to officially tackle potty training and these would help her at night.

  14. I would like to try these on my daughter who is a mover and shaker,and sometimes losses a diaper hopefully these would stay on

  15. We usually use cloth diapers and I did not like Luvs with my son .. But these look way better! I would try them with my baby girl.

  16. I have tried numerous different brands that all say they will keep my baby dry, but all of them have failed. These nappies look very comfy, and i would definately like to try them on my baby boy. I am also pregnant with my second child, so if they work, i will definately be buying them for the next baby too.

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