Update on Aiden

So we took Aiden to the Pediatrician today. After a week of no dairy I thought the first few days were much improved. He seemed to fuss less and sleep better at night. Then he was back to his fussy ways again. I was so confused as to whether it was a dairy problem or not and if the non fussy days were just a coincidence. I’ve begun eating dairy again and there doesn’t seem to be a real significant change. After vising the doctor and discussing his fussiness and his head to toe rash her diagnoses was that we have a high needs baby with sensitive skin and acid reflux. She recommended putting him on Zantac for the reflux and trying Eucerin lotion on his skin. I’m hoping that she is on to something. It certainly could be reflux as he seems to have tummy issues. I need to find some ways to keep him more elevated all of the time too in order to help his reflux. I have to say that I am quite happy to be able to eat dairy again! You don’t realize how many foods contain dairy and milk products until you start reading labels.

I’m really hoping this works for my little guy. He does seem to have tummy troubles and passes gas when he is fussy. I’m also going to try gas drops and heard of gripe water. Has anyone ever tried gripe water?

Aiden had three shots today too and has been a sleepy guy! Tough day for the little man 🙁

And I have to say isn’t his Thank You Baby Dino Dreams crib bedding (in the pic) adorable! I just love it 🙂


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  1. That was another thing we tried for our little guy, Jack, when he was a baby. It helped a TON with his crying after eating, but it didn't help with how much he spit up-haha! Thanks for the update, what a cutie!!!

  2. I've tried a couple different types of gripe water, colic calm, mylicon and baby gas drops, I don't really know if any of them really made much of a difference, maybe helped a little, but I still had a fussy baby. I just chalked it up to being a needy newborn & once she was past around 3-4 months, she started getting better.

    My daughter also had eczema on her face, legs, arms, back & her whole diaper area. I tried soooo many different creams & lotions including eucerin aquaphor, the whole mustela stelatopia line & triple paste eczema cream. I found what helped us the best was the triple paste cream. But what really solved her skin problems was switching to cloth diapers & cloth wipes. Even the sensitive skin disposable diapers & wipes didn't make a difference. Along with that change we now use California Baby skin & hair care products on our daughter & her skin is perfect.

    If she has a reaction to a food & we have a diaper rash problem, we use Northern Essence Better Butter Cream & Sensitive Skin Diaper Rash Salve. These are safe for cloth diapers. If you use the eucerin, triple paste, etc just becareful since the are not cloth diaper friendly.

    Sorry for the book, I just know when my daughter was having issues I was willing to try anything!

  3. what a sweetie 🙂
    My baby girl had similar issues, and was on zantac for about 4 months. I ended up going dairy free too- the first time she didnt seem to feel any better. Then I went off again- and was VERY strict (not even margarin that contains whey) and her Reflux almost went away completely and she was able to ditch the zantac.
    She also had and still has full body rash. I found what really helped was reducing baths- a lot. She seems to be sensitive to the chlorine in our water. its worth a try, and if he does clear up then you can buy a tap filter to get rid of chlorine in water. It really irritates babies with sensitive skin.
    Best wishes

  4. Cute! I don't know that I'd be too quick to give up on the possibility of a food allergy/sensitivity. Particularly with the gas issue. He could be sensitive to soy or gluten or any number of things in your diet. Or it could be still be milk—you wouldn't believe the number of things that have whey in them, like breads. I'd check on the rash some, too, if it's an issue of sensitive skin, he could be sensitive to particular fabric fibers or to your detergent. If you haven't already, try switching to a dye free/perfume free laundry detergent and skip any fabric softener or dryer sheets. Dreft is not a good substitute—it's full of perfume. You may also want to try switching to all natural fibers, some children get heat rash from polyester, for instance. I hope you discover the for your little guy.

  5. Okay, so I just read your post from last week. Disregard all that stuff I wrote…lol!

    I hope things work out for you and you guys find out what is causing his discomfort. I know what it is like to be constantly wondering, just wanting your child to be well.

  6. I know that you don't want it to be related to dairy and that dairy is in lots of foods, BUT I have heard that it can take 4 weeks to get the dairy completely out of your system and his system. I was reading a book about kids and food allergies last night and it said that things may even get worse before they get better (so just because things didn't seem better after a week doesn't necessarily mean that his reaction isn't diet related).

    There are lots of alternatives to dairy out there (except for cheese- non-dairy cheese is not nearly as good as the real thing).

    If you decide to give dairy-free another try, and you want some support feel free to contact me on my blog.

    Otherwise I hope that the medicine and the new lotion/ cream help your problem because that would be a lot easier! 🙂

  7. I apologize, I haven't read through the other comments. We have used gripe water for 6/7 (wish I would have known about it for my first) of our kids. It has really seemed to help. I also use Oval (maybe Canadian), but the most significant thing we do for our children that has helped them heal in so many areas, especially colic, is take them to a knowledgeable baby Chiropractor. The adjustments are nothing like an adults. I'm not sure where you live in MN, but if you are in the Cities area, I can recommend my good friends Chiropractic office. http://www.healthwise-chiro.com/ She is a wonderful caring person. I would so recommend this. Also I'm not sure how old your little guy is, but once my children got through their acne stage, their gut issues really started to get better. Usually it started around 4 weeks going for a month or more.

  8. I had this problem when my daughter was a newborn as well, it probably went on for 3 months before they finally put her on Zantac. 3 days after she started it, it completely vanished. When she turned 9 months, she didn't need it anymore. Good luck and I hope he starts feeling better!

  9. I totally understand. We have been going through this with our 13 month old. Back in October at our 2nd visit to the allergist we found out that it was indeed allergies! The first visit showed signs of milk and egg allergies, but blood tests showed otherwise. At the 2nd visit I had him tested for EVERYTHING that he ate. Come to find out he is allergic to MILK, EGGS, SWEET POTATOES and…are you ready for this RICE!?!?! He is truly a rare find! Good luck! I was not pleased with him being on acid reflux meds (as this was one of the first steps we tried) nor any of the other meds that they thought might help. We had 2 hospital stays, several specialist visits, etc. I am so thankful that I know now what is wrong with him – it makes it so much easier! People ask me daily how I deal with his allergies and the only answer I have is "Do I have a choice not to deal with them?". Good Luck!

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