Essential Tools To Make Your Moving And Unpacking Easier

Moving is always stressful, no matter if it is a small move or a major move across the country. However, some tools can make moving and unpacking easier for you. No matter if you are moving or just opening up those Amazon packages, you’ll want these ceramic blade tools to make the job a breeze!


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While we all know you are going to need things like boxes, tape, paper, or even bubble wrap for fragile items, you also need box cutters. Did you know that metal blades that come in box cutters can come with a whole host of issues? They rust, they get dull over time, and if you’re not paying attention, they’ll hurt you, too. Traditional ceramic blades aren’t much better. I’ve found the perfect tool for opening all those boxes.


Tools To Make Your Moving And Unpacking Easier

Slice’s Finger-Friendly® blades look out for you and get the job done. They never rust and they last 11x longer than steel blades. Your blade needs to make not just one cut, but thousands of cuts before it eventually wears down. Slice safety blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, a high-quality advanced ceramic, and their proprietary blade design takes advantage of the material’s extreme hardness. 

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Independent third-party testing has proven that Slice safety blades last up to 11 times longer than steel blades. This means that every time you need to replace one Slice safety blade, you’ve already replaced your steel blade up to 11 times to cut the same amount of material!


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This Multipurpose Box Opener has a unique curved handle. This handle makes it easier to grip and less likely for it to slip and cause injury. Slice® blades balance sharpness and safety—a feature that makes them unique. 

Slice safety blades also dull very slowly. As such, they don’t need to be so sharp out of the box: they’re Finger-Friendly® . That is, the blade edge is safe enough to touch lightly. Slice® safety blades are sharpened to an effective but safe level and cut most materials easily. Consumers mistakenly believe that blades must be razor-sharp in order to work well; this isn’t true for most cutting tasks. A blade can be sharp enough to cut common materials like cardboard, paper, clamshell packaging, shrinkwrap, rubber matting, drywall, and foam, but not so sharp that it just as easily cuts you. Slice’s patent-pending design proves that.


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Slice uses a material known as “advanced ceramics”, 100 percent zirconium oxide, which is extremely strong. The key to its strength, and resistance to shattering, is in the manufacturing process. Advanced ceramics, also known as engineered ceramics, start off as refined zirconia powder. This powder is shaped with high-pressure industrial presses, then baked at 1400 degrees Celsius for 48 hours. The result is tougher than steel. Pretty impressive if you ask me!


open difficult plastic packaging

Slice even has you covered when it comes to opening up difficult clamshell plastic packages. I hate these type of packages as I always cut myself attempting to open them. This handy little tool makes the job a breeze! No cuts or crazy attempts at opening it. Just a nice, clean line sliced open for easy access.

Now that you know the tools that can make your move and unpacking easier, get your Slice multipurpose box opener and make your next move a breeze. Once your move is finished you’ll be thrilled to have the Slice on hand for opening up all those Amazon packages you get every week!

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