DIY Resurrection Garden for Kids

Easter is coming. This means it’s time for a fun project to do with the kids. This year we made DIY Resurrection Garden that will bloom just in time for Easter. This is a great way to explain that there is more to Easter than just the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts; although those are fun too.

This season I am looking to create a long-lasting craft. This DIY resurrection garden means we can admire it well after Easter. It’s a meaningful DIY project and the end result is a beautiful table centerpiece or gift that represents the resurrection of Jesus. Read on to learn how to make a DIY Resurrection garden of your own.

DIY Resurrection Garden

What is a Resurrection Garden?

An Easter resurrection garden is a symbol of Jesus rising from his tomb. They portray the scene that Mary Magdalene saw, a tomb with a stone to be rolled away on Easter Sunday. Resurrection gardens are typically made with grass but I’ve even seen some made with preserved moss and violas.

DIY Resurrection Garden Supplies

My favorite crafts are those that don’t use a lot of hard-to-find supplies. Most of these items can be found outside if you want to go look for them. Or you can use it as an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby and get what you need. I got our flat stones, wood crosses, and small plant pot at Hobby Lobby.

  • Shallow, Wide-Base Pot or Pot Base
  • A small plant pot
  • Flat stones
  • Potting soil
  • Small wood crosses
  • Grass seed

This garden will take about a week to start to sprout so it would be a good idea to make yours now so it will be ready for Easter. If your grass gets too tall, just trim with scissors.

DIY Resurrection Garden

DIY Resurrection Garden for Kids

Now the fun happens. Take your wide base pot or pot base and lay your small pot on its side in the center of the base. This will create the tomb that Jesus was buried in.

Cover the bottom of the base and the smaller pot with dirt. You want to mound the potting soil all around and over the top of the center small pot to form a hill.

Sprinkle grass seed all over the dirt area. This is not one of those times where less is more. We found the more grass seed, the fuller and thicker it came in.

Spray your garden with a water bottle making sure the soil is well moistened. And add the large rock next to the tomb opening, off to one side to show your empty tomb.

You can use your purchased crosses now or make your own. Cut twigs to size for the 3 crosses, then either hot glue the crosses together, or tie them with craft string to hold in place. Insert your three crosses behind the tomb, of course, is Jesus’ cross along with the two prisoners we read about in the Bible.

Place the garden in a sunny spot in your home and spray daily to keep the soil moist. I do recommend turning the base each day so your grass grows straight up and not slanted towards the sun.

How long does a DIY Resurrection Garden last?

After the season is over or the grass has started to die, you can easily store your garden in a shed or garage. Next year add a little new soil to the top and new grass seed and have a new garden year after year.

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DIY Resurrection Garden for Kids. Looking for a beautiful and meaningful craft for Easter? This year we made DIY Resurrection Garden that will bloom just in time for Easter.

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