Frankenstein Sneaky Veggie Smoothie Recipe

Frankenstein Sneaky Veggie Smoothie Recipe

Getting your kids to eat their veggies can be tricky! As a mom of 4 kids I know just how difficult it can be to convince a kid to eat their veggies. I’ve chosen to work veggies into our meals in other ways and get creative rather than always having a battle at the dinner […]

Improving Our Oral Healthy Habits To Avoid Cavities!

Carson Brush Twice A Day

There is one thing that my sisters and I have in common. We have all had terrible tooth problems while growing up. We’ve all suffered cavities on many occasions. My older sister has endured a lot of terrible tooth problems, even requiring a root canal. This has led me to the conclusion that it must […]

New Suave Family Perks Program + $50 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

Suave Perks 2

I’ve been using Suave since I was little. My mom always bought Suave and I grew up loving the different scents it came in. Now that I have my own large family of 6, I appreciate Suave for the value it offers. I can get products for my whole family at a price that won’t […]

16 Spooky Halloween Treats For Your Trick Or Treat Night!

16 Halloween Treats Recipes

Check out Trick or Treats! Halloween TREATS For The Spooky Night! by Sarah Minnesota Mama at Halloween is coming up quickly and whether you are hosting a big Halloween bash or you are just entertaining your own little pumpkins, these Halloween treats are so much fun! Make a bunch for a crowd or make […]

How To Teach Reading Skills To Your Children

How to give your children a love for reading

When I was growing up I couldn’t read enough books. I loved them. It was like an addiction, an itch I could never scratch. I excelled at reading, always won trophies in the Summer reading program at our library and more often than not you’d find me with my nose in a book. I loved […]

Lure Flies Away From Your Party So They Don’t Bother You, Your Food or Your Guests! The Best Fly Traps We Tested!

Attractive Fly Trap

At the end of Summer here in Minnesota we have a major fly problem. They are bothersome all Summer long but for whatever reason, they always get worse at the end of Summer. This year I employed some new strategies to keep flies away from our outdoor parties and our food we put out for […]

Keep Your Confidence and Manage LBL, Light Bladder Leakage, with Poise!

Handbag Essentials

Many thanks to Poise for sponsoring today’s story, and keeping me confident! In my circle of mom friends I’ve seen a trend. It’s an unspoken one, but it is there. There are certain things that my friends won’t participate in and unless you’ve had a baby then you probably don’t realize why. Like the time […]

The Must Have Accessory For Every Baby This Fall!

Brady and his aden + anais into the woods organic dream blanket

I am slightly obsessed with aden + anais, but for good reason. My two youngest boys are also in LOVE with their aden + anais blankets and they really are lost without them which gives me a perfect excuse to fall in love with this amazing brand every time they release something new. This Fall […]

Catch My Sister\'s Reaction When I Surprised Her With A Swiffer Big Green Box!

Swiffer Big Green Box Contents

We’ve all seen the Swiffer commercials with the Big Green Box surprise on their doorstep right? Well, I got the opportunity to create a big green box surprise of my very own this weekend and it was so fun! Swiffer® is supporting the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) in a year-long […]

Extend The Play Of Your VTech Devices! {+ InnoTab Giveaway!}

VTech InnoTab Games

My kids have always loved their VTech devices. We have the InnoTab and the MobiGo and they haven’t ever tired of them. We make sure to extend their play by getting them new, age-appropriate games as they master the old ones. It keeps the toy new and exciting! Many parents ask me if I think […]