Tutti Frutti Scented Play Dough + Free Printable Playdough Mats!

My kids are obsessed with play dough. The only thing that can make play dough more fun is an array of delicious scents! Tutti Frutti scented play dough is the best thing since sliced bread and in celebration of my children’s love for Tutti Frutti scented play dough I have created free printable playdough mats for you to grab!


Scented Play Dough

My kids could play with play dough all day long. They love it! Imagine their delight when I got my hands on some scented play dough! With 16 yummy scents like cotton candy, pineapple, banana and chocolate, kids can play with their dough and smell their it too! Don’t worry, Tutti Frutti is made with all natural ingredients and contains salt to deter kids from eating the yummy scented play dough! I have to admit that my husband and I had as much, or more fun than our kids did smelling each one!



Unlike traditional play dough products, Tutti Frutti scented play dough doesn’t crumble, smells like real fruits, is antibacterial and rehydratable! That’s right, if the dough dries out, simply add a little water and knead. The Tutti Frutti dough will regain it’s softness and malleability. It is SO cool!



Tutti Frutti dough is definitely not the play dough of my childhood either. It is SO soft and malleable. It doesn’t crumble at all, instead it is perfectly shapeable. I find it so calming to play with a ball of it while my kids are playing! You’ll find yourself reaching for a tub of it too!



Counting Playdough Mats


Now your kids can have hours of fun with these free printable playdough mats. These playdough mats reinforce their counting skills with fun play dough activities.



They can add fruit to the tree, add the correct number of balls to the squares and form a snake-like number with their scented play dough. All the while they will be learning their numbers and practicing their counting skills. This free printable playdough mats set contains numbers zero through ten so they can practice learning to count to ten!



Awaken your child’s senses with this Tutti Frutti scented play dough! They will put their sense of touch, sight, and smell to use! Find this amazing scented play dough at Target near the arts and crafts! They carry the 6 packs of scented play dough and the party bucket that contains 6 tubs of scented play dough and a TON of tools, cutters, cookie cutter shapes, rollers and more for HOURS of fun for multiple children. My kids went crazy over this fun bucket!


Free printable playdough mats! Free play dough activities help kids learn counting with scented play dough.


Print Your Free Playdough Mats:

You can print off the free playdough mats here. You’ll get one sheet for each number 0-10. I recommend printing them and laminating them (I use this laminator) so you can reuse them over and over again.



Pin the Free Scented Play Dough Mats Image Below:


Free printable playdough mats! Free play dough activities help kids learn counting with scented play dough.

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  1. Scented play dough? Awesome! I remember when I was a kid I used to eat play dough and it tasted salty. By the time I was a teacher, kids were eating play dough because it smelled good and it was salty, laugh. These mats are really cool and bring a new element of fun to play dough.

  2. I’d heard of this product – and it sounded really great. Now it sounds even BETTER after reading this post! Plus, what a fun idea! Why did I never think of using dough in learning activities like this? Will definitely have to make some printables like this for the little miss. So smart!!!

  3. Playing with Play Dough is my son’s favorite past time. I need to check out this brand just so I can smell it!

  4. This looks so cool! I bet my daughter would love to play with this and work on her letters and numbers over the summer to prepare for the 1st grade.

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