The Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Rainbow Party! Rainbow Ideas, Food, Decor, Games & More!

Ultimate Rainbow Party Guide Rainbow food ideas, rainbow party games & activities, rainbow party favors and rainbow decor ideas!

If you are thinking about throwing a rainbow party then search no further than this post for tons of rainbow party ideas and inspiration! I’ve got everything you need here! Rainbow party food, rainbow party games and activities, rainbow favors and rainbow party decor ideas! Rainbow party theme is such a fun theme because the options are endless and the colors make it a bright and colorful party!

Ultimate Rainbow Party Guide 9 Rainbow Party Decor Ideas. Great rainbow decor ideas that you can make yourself or buy!

These rainbow decor ideas range from easy to more involved. You can make them yourself or you can buy many of them if you wish! They are sure to set the mood for your rainbow party! There are also tons of rainbow party decorations to buy if you are short on time!

  1. These Rainbow Fans are easy to hang anywhere to give rainbow color to the party!
  2. Rainbow Cloud Wands double as both decor and a party favor!
  3. Felt Rainbow Pops: These are a quick way to add color to your tables
  4. Rainbow Roses: head to to find these unique Willy Wonka rainbow roses!
  5. Rainbow Pinwheels: line the driveway or walkway with rainbow colored pinwheels.
  6. Rainbow Balloon Banner: This detailed tutorial is perfect for creating your own banner made of balloons!
  7. I love these Rainbow Party Plates even more than just buying multicolored plates!
  8. Rainbow Wreath: Make your own rainbow wreath out of balloons!
  9. You could make your own Rainbow Hanging Swirl Decorations or you can buy them.


  1. Rainbow heart cakes: These are cute and I love that the layered colors are exposed.
  2. What’s a rainbow party without a proper rainbow layered cake!
  3. Rainbow fruit skewers: These are slightly more work than the fruit tray but are ready to eat, no fork required!
  4. These Rainbow Candy cupcakes are cute and easier than decorating with frosting.
  5. Rainbow fruit tray: This is SO easy!
  6. M&M Rainbow Number Cake: This is an easy way to decorate a cake if you don’t have frosting skills!
  7. Rainbow Jello: This is one of my most popular posts! It’s so fun to make.

Ultimate Rainbow Party Guide: 9 Fun Rainbow Party Games & Activities. These rainbow games are perfect for a rainbow party!

You’ll need some fun rainbow party games and activities to keep your little guests entertained and having fun. These 9 rainbow party games and activities are all fun ways to liven up your party!

  1. Rainbow Bean Bag Toss: Add some rainbow colors to this traditional game for party themed fun!
  2. Rainbow Streamers: Make your own inexpensive rainbow streamers and then take them home.
  3. This rainbow punch game is brilliant!
  4. Rainbow Fish Celery Painting: Fun activity idea to paint with stalks of celery.
  5. Make Rainbow Pasta Necklaces that they can take home.
  6. Rainbow Pinata: A rainbow of colors the party guests can take a whack at!
  7. Rainbow Scavenger Hunt: Great way to keep the kids occupied!
  8. Rainbow Coloring Activity is perfect for kids of any age.
  9. Rainbow Bracelets are a great way to sit and do an activity together.

Ultimate Rainbow Party Guide Rainbow Party Favor Ideas. This guide has rainbow party food ideas, deocr, favors and more! These are cute party favors!

Send your guests home with any of these fun rainbow party favor ideas! You can buy them or make them, take your pick!

  1. Rain-dough: Create homemade rainbow colored dough and package it in individual containers from the dollar store.
  2. Gold at the end of the rainbow is perfect!
  3. Rainbow Party Favor Bags without any sugar!
  4. Rainbow popcorn in to go boxes: This is sure to be a pick hit! Add a pair of sunglasses in for extra fun.
  5. Rainbow Unicorn Suckers are a must for every rainbow party.
  6. Rain(bows): rainbow colored bows for the little girls.


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