Over 15 Peep Recipes for Easter

Easter is one of my family’s favorite holidays. We can’t get enough of all the delicious candy especially peeps! There are so many fun recipes you can make with peeps. Seriously, just look at the list below and you’ll see that the possibilities are endless. Get the kids involved and have fun making some of the different peep recipes for Easter.

Over 15 Peep Recipes for Easter

Over 15 Peep Recipes for Easter

  1. Marshmallow Bunny Pops Recipe from Must Have Mom
  2. Peeps S’Mores from Domestic Superhero
  3. Homemade Marshmallow Peeps from 52 Kitchen Adventures
  4. Peeps Birds Nest from The Pinning Mama
  5. Peeps Ice Cream Syrup from Kleinworth & Co.
  6. Crockpot Dipped Peeps from The Crockpot Ladies
  7. Peeps Whoopie Pie Recipe from The Country Chic Cottage
  8. Peep S’Mores from Can’t Google Everything
  9. Sunflower Peep Brownies from Oh My Creative
  10. Chocolate Covered Peeps from The Country Chic Cottage
  11. Peep Cupcakes from 52 Kitchen Adventures
  12. Peep Pudding Pops from Oh My Creative
  13. Peep Milkshake from Kleinworth & Co.
  14. White Chocolate Peeps from The Joys of Boys
  15. Peeps Peanut Butter Dip from Happy Go Lucky
  16. Peeps Cake from Mom Dot
  17. Peep Cake from Suzy’s Sitcom

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