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Making homemade baby food! It’s not as hard as you think Part 2!

I know I promised you another baby food making tutorial for last week and this is a week late and I’m sorry! I couldn’t find my photos to share with you and that is half the fun of a how-to segment! In Part 1 I shared with you how to make Squash baby food. So for Part 2 of Making Homemade Baby Food: It’s not as hard as you think! I will be showing you how to make sweet potatoes! These are Aiden’s favorites and are SO easy to make. These are a great first baby food and even Aiden who was very picky about texture really liked them. You can introduce them to babies as young as 4 months old.

Buy some orange sweet potatoes. Look for those that are not bruised or blemished. Orange taste better than lighter colored ones so go with the orange! They will stay good when stored in a cool/dark place for about 2 weeks so you don’t have to make them right away.

Wash them and poke holes in them with a fork. Do not peel them! Wrap them individually in tin foil and you are going to bake them in the oven. Bake at 400 degrees for 30-60 minutes or until soft.

Once they are done and you’ve removed them from the oven unwrap each one and slit it lenghwise (as shown in the picture above).

Scoop out the “meat” of the sweet potato and place it all in a food processor.

Puree it to your desired consistency.

When you are done it should look like this.

Next scoop it into ice cube trays or baby food cube trays. I just use ice cube trays and cover them with saran wrap so they don’t take on any flavors from the freezer.

Once your cubes have completely frozen place each ice cube tray bottom in a pan of hot water to easily pop them out. Put them in a freezer bag and label with the date and vegetable name.

Now you’ve got a great supply of sweet potatoes for about the cost of a few jars of store bought baby food!


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  1. When I make sweet potatoes I like to wash them and put them in the crock pot for a couple hours. When they are soft and done the peels slide right off making the task fast and easy! Actually, I use the crockpot for squash too. Also, each ice cube slot is 1oz. so you can always figure out how much your child eats or needs.

  2. My daughter is 10 months and can eat solids, but she still loves pureed sweet potatoes. We also cut them into cubes, put a little brown sugar on them, sprinkle with rosemary and roast. Perfect for older babies!

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