How To Clean Cloudy Glasses and Glassware For Good!

Lately I’ve been so frustrated with my dishwasher. My glasses were all coming out cloudy and the dishes had to be perfectly free from food or they would come out still dirty. I was so frustrated that my husband took notice and bought me a new dishwasher! I thought my problems were all solved and while my new dishwasher gets the food off my dishes 10 times better than my old one did, I still have cloudy glasses! I went and bought new drinking glasses because I thought that ours were beyond saving.

 Just before I tossed out my old glasses I got some Oxiclean Dishwashing Booster and decided to give it a try on my glasses. My old rinse aid had done nothing for them but I’m a big OxiClean fan so I figured it was worth a shot.

I was thrilled with how nicely the OxiClean worked on my glasses! It was amazing the difference it made. I had a hard time getting a good picture to really show the difference but you can see here that the glass on the left is the cloudy “before” glass and the glass on the right is the “after”. I put that glass through the dishwasher with Oxiclean Dishwashing Booster and that’s all I did! I’m amazed that it took the cloudy film off the glasses.

I truly thought these glasses were trash and now I just told my hubby that I didn’t even need to buy new glasses because after using the Oxiclean Dishwashing Booster they look like new again! The OxiClean dishwashing booster worked great on the rest of my dishes too. The glasses were the most impressive as I was ready to toss them out but it also leaves the rest of my dishes looking sparkly and clean!

After doing my little test with the OxiClean dishwashing booster I read some interesting facts on why my old rinse aid wasn’t working anymore. I’m not alone in my frustration. 49% feel frustrated because they don’t know what’s causing the spots on dishes. And I’m also not the only one embarrassed to serve my guests water in a cloudy glass. 88% agree or strongly agree that it is embarrassing to serve on dishes that have spots or are cloudy.

I also learned something I didn’t know.

In July 2010, a ban on phosphates required the reformulation of dishwasher detergents. Since then, consumers have noticed that their dishes are just not as clean as they used to be. In fact, many experience a cloudy film on their glasses and dishes that can build up over time. Some consumers may have even considered replacing their dishwasher to try and resolve the problem….but it’s not the dishwashers fault ! OxiClean Dishwashing Booster can eliminate spots, residue, and cloudy film in just one wash and then keep dishware crystal clear wash after wash.

Okay I was one of those that thought I needed a new dishwasher 🙂 Although I’m happy with our new one. It does a better job of getting the food off the dishes. So why is OxiClean different than other rinse aides? 

How it works:

The unique multi-action formula dissolves the cloudy film (hard water salts and calcium carbonate) that builds up during the rinse cycle.

To eliminate the cloudy film in just one wash (Get the OxiClean First Wash Wow):

1) Add two squirts of OxiClean Dishwashing Booster into the bottom of the dishwasher

2) And, fill the rinse agent dispenser

3) Place your detergent in main wash cup as usual

For ongoing use to help keep the cloudy film from returning:

1) Refill rinse agent dispenser with Booster as needed (about once per month) – No additional rinse agent is needed

2) For tough film and spots, add two squirts into bottom of the dishwasher

I was really impressed with the Oxiclean Dishwashing Booster. It saved my glasses from a trip to the trash and saved me the embarrassment of serving my guests a drink in a cloudy glass. If you have the same problem with your glasses or dishware then give it a try! For our cloudy glasses we added 2 squirts in the bottom of the dishwasher as well as filling the rinse agent dispenser and it worked in just one wash!

You can check out the OxiClean website or their Facebook page for more information and to keep up with the latest news and offers!

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of OxiClean and received a product sample and serving tray to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. I went and bought a bix box of TSP at home depot (tri-calcium phosphate) which is the same stuff they took out of dishwashing detergent… I add 1/2-1 tsp to each cycle with my detergent and it works great too! A box will last about a year doing dishes almost every day! (and only costs $10-15)

  2. Katrina, there are good reasons that TSP was taken out of many cleaning products. It is very harmful to the environment, especially rivers and lakes. My glasses are always sparkling and I only use environmentally friendly products. Biokleen automatic dish powder is the best. And I use white vinegar in the rinse agent compartment of my dishwasher.

  3. I bought a bag of citric acid on Amazon and add a couple table spoons to each cycle (and whilte laundry loads too) and everything sparkles. Good for envoronment too.

  4. I have extremely hard water so my dishes had white spots all the time. I found a product called Lemi Shine! Here is a link to the website so you can see what the container looks like.
    I just use about a tablespoon and put it in the detergent cup with about a 2 tablespoons of powder dish detergent. The first time I used it I had to call my family over to look at the dishes because they were sparkling clean. It also can be used to clean the inside of the dishwasher. If you have hard water spots this is the product you should try. I swear by it.

  5. Any tips for us that have to wash glasses by hand? Also my plastic containers et spots when they are air drying.

    1. Try to add two or three tablespoons of vinegar in your dish water. If that doesn’t work, try to slowly increase the vinegar until you figure out the amount that works for you. Also, rinse in cold water before you let anything air dry. That should help with the cloudy glasses and spots on the plastic.

  6. I have hard water, vinegar, lemishine and all others haven’t worked. I’ll have to try the Oxyclean. There used to be a product called Glass magic that really was magic and worked so awesome. It was bought out and not found anymore. 🙁

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