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The BIG Reveal! Our Nursery Makeover Unveiled!!!! Please vote for us!

I can finally reveal our big nursery makeover! I’ve been lucky enough to be participating in the Chase Blueprint Baby Challenge which entailed me doing a total makeover of Aiden’s room and turning it into a nursery to welcome our son due in August. I was given $2,000 from Chase to complete the makeover and with the help of my Chase Slate card with Blueprint I was able to stay on track and get the nursery completed just the way I wanted it!
I’ve been anxiously waiting to let the cat out of the bag and show you all the details on our finished nursery! If you missed my first three nursery makeover posts then you can catch up by reading them here, here and here! We really dove into this makeover and made it a family project. We wanted the kids to be as involved as they could be at 1 year old and 3 years old. They loved it and I felt it was a great way for them to prepare to welcome their new brother home. After all of our hard work I’m so happy to finally reveal the nursery to you!
Here it is! We chose a transportation theme because we felt it would grow with him. It is a theme that not only made for an adorable nursery but he will still be able to love it when he is older too. I just love how the bright, bold colors came together to create a space that didn’t feel so babyish but looked modern and welcoming. We chose to use a dresser as a changing table because it is also a piece of furniture that will grow with him. I am in love with the crib which also converts to a toddler bed and a full size bed.

 My absolute favorite piece of furniture in the nursery is my rocker/glider/recliner with ottoman. I know I’ve said it before but it is amazing! So comfy and it will be perfect for nighttime nursings. You can see the star lights on the wall next to it as well which serve as nightlights which will be perfect for flicking on to nurse the baby without having to wake him up with the bright overhead light. Of course I think they also look adorable with the sky themed wall ๐Ÿ™‚

The transportation themed rugs work great for us to walk on now and when the baby is older they will be perfect for pushing his cars and trucks on!

Putting together a nursery in a short amount of time while staying on a set budget was a fun challenge for us. The Chase Slate Card with Blueprint made it easy for me to stay on track and easily see my spending and where my money was going. With two kids and another on the way anything that will keep me organized without me having to do extra work is a bonus!
My favorite feature that Blueprint offers is Split. It allows me to easily pay off my larger purchases in a set number of payments or set monthly amount. I put in the number of payments or dollar amount I want to pay each month and it calculates the rest for me. It’s so easy to use and will save us a bundle on interest because we can pay off those purchases faster. I used the Split tool to set up a payment plan for all of my furniture purchases. My crib and crib bedding were one of the first things I bought and they will already be paid off soon. I also set up the plan for my storage cabinets, dresser and ottoman purchases which according to my Blueprint plan will be paid off in six months. I love being able to rest easy that my nursery purchases are on a plan to be paid off and all the organizing is done for me by Blueprint. Now if the rest of my life could be so organized and taken care of!

I had two main goals when I set out to decorate my nursery. I wanted a theme and furniture that would grow with my baby and I wanted lots of storage solutions. I am happy to say that I was able to accomplish both and I’m overjoyed with how it all turned out. Here are my storage cabinets that I was pining after for so long. The end two cabinets are wardrobe closets with large drawers (perfect for putting their own toys away!) and the center bench is also a huge pull out toy box. I love that there is plenty of storage and that when my baby is older he will be able to reach the larger drawers and toy bench to easily access his stowed toys. It keeps the clutter to a minimum and looks clean and streamlined while still being accessible.

It was so much fun to buy all of the little finishing touches that make the room special. Here is his first piggy bank which of course is also transportation themed.

Another very special finishing touch in the nursery are these three painted pictures. My husband’s sister did these for us and I absolutely love how nice they turned out. These were her special gift to the baby and I know they will be treasured for a long time to come!

We let Aiden and Danika pick out something for the baby’s room as well. When we went shopping we wanted them to be included in the whole process. They chose this rocking moose for the baby’s room and after seeing how much they love playing with it I know that the baby will too! The kids helped throughout the whole makeover. From helping clean and clear out the room to helping assemble furniture with Dad and picking out a special toy for the baby, it was definitely a family project.

Here is the great storage that is hidden inside those wonderful wardrobe cabinets. I love the pull out drawers and hanging space that this one offers. Everything is visible and easy to access when you open the drawers and hidden away when they are shut!

The opposite cabinet also has pull out drawers and shelves rather than a hanging bar. It is perfect for storing all of my favorite swaddling blankets and sleep sacks.

We also made sure the dresser changing table would be very functional for what we needed. We use cloth diapers so the double pull out drawer was perfect for storing them in. We’ve got our covers in the lower part of the drawer and the inserts in the upper drawer. The wipes and baby essentials are hidden away neatly in the baskets.

We had such an amazing bonding time as a family while preparing this nursery for our newest arrival. I think it made the kids feel like they were part of this big event and will make them feel even closer to their new little brother when he arrives. Since this is likely our last baby I had a wonderful time decorating the nursery just how I wanted it. I learned some lessons after having two kids already and I was able to work them into my design (using the dresser as a changing table and buying things that grow with the baby). I know this nursery will be a room he can enjoy for many years beyond the newborn stage. The Chase Slate card with Blueprint made this a stress free experience for me as well. I was able to easily stay organized and on track without even having to try. Blueprint did the hard work for me (like calculating payments for me) and helped me to pay off my furniture purchases in the amount of time that I wanted to. All I had to do was choose my plan and sit back and pay the bill when it came! I avoided interest and I can rest easy knowing that my nursery will be paid off by my goal date.
Now this is the part where I ask you to vote for me! Voting begins today, July 15th and goes until August 15th. I’d love if you’d head over the Parents website and vote for our nursery as your favorite! I am competing with two other bloggers in this nursery makeover challenge and the winner will get a whopping $3,000!! Now wouldn’t that be a great start to my baby’s college fund?! We’d love to win and the kids are rooting for the nursery they helped create. It is simple to vote. You will need to enter your name and email address in order to vote and may vote once daily until the voting period ends on August 15th. Please head over and vote for us ๐Ÿ™‚


*I was provided with $2,000 to use for my nursery makeover by Chase. At the end of this contest I will have a chance to win $500, $1500 or $3000 based on the number of votes I receive. My opinions are my own.

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  1. I looked at all 3 of the nursery makeovers and I definitely think yours should be number 1. Not just because your family, but I really think you did an amazing job creating a nursery that looks great for a babies room but also for the growing child.
    Personally I think it will be between you and the first lady, but I still like your nursery theme and how it looks better by far. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. I love hos the nursery turned out. The star nightlights are great, and the transportation pictures your sister-in-law made are really nice.

    I voted for you and made a note to vote each day. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Awww thanks everyone for such nice compliments! I absolutely love how nice it turned out and I appreciate each vote! Thank you!!


  4. Hi! Can you tell me the brand and style of the bedding and the curtains? I love them and think they would match perfectly with what I have in mind for my son to be’s nursery!

    1. I already answered your email so I know you got the answer but if anyone else is wondering I got the curtains from Target and the bedding online ๐Ÿ™‚

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