How to Fish for Walleye

Learning how to fish for walleye isn’t hard, but there are some basic tips that you’ll need to keep in mind! The good news? You’ll get all that here and so much more!

tips to catch walleye


Going fishing is just so much fun. There’s something exhilarating about the anticipation of “reeling in that big one”. Everyone who has fished knows that feeling. But when it comes to catching a certain type of fish, did you know that there are things that you can do as a fisherman (or woman!) that can help increase those odds and chances?

Keep in mind that there are different levels of fishing, too. Some people fish for fun while others are out there wanting to catch their dinner! If you’re looking for some simple tips on how to fish for walleye, you’ll find great use in the tips below!


how to fish for walleye


How to Fish for Walleye

Fishing for walleye is not only a great solo adventure, but it’s also a ton of awesome family time as well. No matter how you prefer to fish, these tips for fishing for walleye will help!


What is the best bait for walleye?

While I’m not saying that walleye are picky eaters, they do have a taste for certain types of bait! If you’re looking for the top bait for catching walleye, you’ll find the best success with:

  • Crankbaits
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Walleye Jigs

And while these don’t guarantee that you’ll catch a walleye, they’re great for tempting them to take that first bite. Just keep in mind that if you aren’t finding success with one, give it a few moments before switching out.


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What is the best time to fish for walleye?

For whatever reason, walleye tend to become more active and hungry super early in the morning or later at night, which happens to be perfect if you can only fish in the early hours before work or evening hours after! Most tend to find success literally right before sunrise or a short time before sunset at night.

My thoughts? Pack a picnic breakfast or dinner and head out to the lake. That way, you can fill your tummy and sit in peace while you’re waiting for the walleye to take notice of your bait. Sounds like a perfect start or end to the day, right?


What is the best water temperature for walleye fishing?

Think of walleye fish as the three bears and their porridge story…they don’t like it too hot, or too cold but rather prefer that 70-degree water temperature that is just right. And while you can’t really know exactly what temperature the water is, you do know that the warmer it is outside, the warmer that water temperature is going to get. Summer months prove to be great water temperatures for catching walleye fish!

how to catch walleye


Walleye Fishing Secrets That You Have To Know

Now that you know a few tips on how to fish for walleye, let’s dive into a couple of fishing secrets that might just give you an edge up on everyone else out there casting their line!


What colors are best for walleye?

Did you know that walleye fish can actually see certain colors in the water better than others? It’s been proven that they see red, orange and yellow colors the best. If you’ don’t have any bait with those colors, green is a great option as well.

But stay clear of darker colors like blues and purples because to walleye fish, those just don’t stand out enough in the water to catch their attention.


Where is the best walleye fishing in the United States?

Fishing in lakes all over the US sound amazing, but there are actually certain states and lakes that can boast proud numbers of some of the best walleye fishing around! If you’re up for a little bit of travel and adventure, these places should be on your radar:

  • Devils Lake in North Dakota
  • Lake Erie in Ohio
  • Mississipi River in the various states of WI/IA/MS

And those are just a few! Remember, the water temperature needs to be a warm 70ish for the walleye fish to really be active so keep that in mind when you’re planning out your fishing trips!

Now that you know a few simple tips about how to walleye fish, it’s time to get planning! Pack up those fishing bags, load up your rod and reels and get ready to catch some walleyes! And remember, fishing is all about being patient and understanding what is going to work best for the location that you’re in.

Not all places that you’re going to fish are going to be prime for all varieties of fish. Do your research before you leave and you’ll find that the more you prepare and plan, the better results you’ll have!


Do you have any tips for how to fish for walleye?


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