How To Clean Your Bath Tub in A Fraction Of The Time!! Rinse Ace Shower Head With Hose Review & Giveaway!! #SIYS

When we moved to our new home in July I gained a master bathroom. That was something I had never had before. In fact we went from one bathroom to three! While I gained a big garden tub, double sinks and tons of storage there was one thing my master bathroom was lacking at that was a Rinse Ace showerhead! I had one at my old house and it is the one thing that saves me a ton of time and is a definite “must have” in my book.

If you haven’t heard of Rinse Ace then keep reading because trust me, you want to know what this is all about! We installed this beautiful Tahoe showerhead in my master bathroom shower.

The Rinse Ace® Tahoe 4 Setting showerhead turns your shower into a relaxing or invigorating shower experience with its 84 jetstreams and 5 inch diameter. Full body coverage for a drenching soothing shower to wash away the stresses of the day, massaging concentrated flow for loosening sore neck, back and shoulder muscles and a combination mode to drench and massage!

You won’t want to leave your shower! I’m so thankful for our super efficient, large water heater that allows me a long hot shower 🙂 One of my guilty pleasures! Not a long, hot shower girl like me? The Tahoe showerhead offers water conservation too! Soak yourself, turn showerhead to pause position, lather up then rinse with your choice of spray, drenching relaxation, massaging or both. The best of both worlds all rolled up into one amazing showerhead!

Installation was extremely quick and easy. My husband loves installing these (this is the 2nd one he has installed) as they come with everything you need and the process is quick and painless.

Okay now that I’ve covered the amazing wonderfulness (is that a word?) of the showerhead itself, we are on to the good stuff (as if a relaxing, hot shower wasn’t the good stuff!). This is how I cut my cleaning time in half when I clean my tub and shower.

The included bonus showerhead hose makes cleaning the shower easy. No other showerhead includes a detachable, high quality 6-foot shower hose and sprayer. Spray your favorite cleaner on the shower wall, wait a few minutes, snap in the showerhead hose to the center of the showerhead and rinse away all the dirt and suds. When done, detach the hose and the showerhead is ready for use again. Also great for bathing your dog, rinsing your child’s hair and more.

The shower hose and sprayer are quality products that work great. I was lost without it! I love being able to spray on my shower cleaner, let it do it’s job and then easily rinse it off without having to climb in the tub and scrub while getting soaked. It makes quick, easy work of a chore that I don’t love to do.

We have also used the shower sprayer for rinsing our kids’ hair and it works fabulously! We used it for that for a very long time before graduating to our master bathroom where we now use it primarily for cleaning purposes. You can also get multiple showerheads for your home and use the hose on any of them!

Rinse Ace also offers a wonderful line of products to make bathing your kids easier than ever. We love their My Own Shower as well as their Baby/Toddler Rinser. These products will also attach to your showerhead and are interchangeable.

Features we love:

  • 5″, 84 jet showerhead with 4 shower modes – full body rain, pulsating massage, full body/massage and pause.
  • Rubber spray nozzles resist mineral build-up and easily wipe clean.
  • 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • 6-foot white hose snaps in and out for a clutter-free shower.
  • On/off sprayer saves water; the water flows only when lever is pressed, never from the showerhead when the hose is attached.
  • Ultimate versatility – cleaning the shower, bathing pets, washing children’s hair or assisted bathing and more.
  • Who wants one of these “must have” showerheads with hose attachment?! You can visit Rinse Ace to purchase one of your very own. They come in multiple finishes and trust me, once you use one you will never go back to cleaning the old way! They are amazing time savers and so versatile too!

    Rinse Ace wants to put a little “Spring in Your Step” so they are offering up a Tahoe showerhead with hose/sprayer attachment in your choice finish to one of you! Enter my Rafflecopter giveaway below to win! (If you cannot see the entry form please click on the post title to be taken to a dedicated page where it will appear.) Good Luck!

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    1. Man, what a great product! I think I would also love to try the sink sprayer to wash my baby – and just to have a sink sprayer!

    2. I like the Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer, we need that!

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