How To Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills Without Hiring A Costly Tutor

With more and more emphasis on early reading and the expectation that kids will be reading well by the end of Kindergarten, has come added pressure on kids to do well and excel in reading. What if your child is lagging behind in reading and just isn’t moving at the pace that is expected of […]

How To Teach Your Child Spanish Without Hiring A Tutor

Want to teach your child Spanish without hiring a tutor? Avoid costly tutors and still reap the benefits of a bilingual home with Stories by Gus on the Go! What is Stories by Gus on the Go? Gus, the language loving owl, travels through familiar and timeless stories that incorporate auditory pronunciation and written Spanish language. […]

How To Get The Best Kids Apps For One Low Price

I am always on the hunt for the best kids apps, and it can be SO hard to find quality apps that keep my kids engaged and don’t have ads popping up all the time. The times I have spent money to buy my kids apps, and do away with the ads, they have quickly […]

My Son Wasn’t Interested In Learning At Kindergarten Until I Showed Him This

My five year old son Aiden is in Kindergarten this year. He was excited to start Kindergarten and the sight of the toys in his classroom excited him even more! However, now that we are a couple months into the school year he has lost any excitement for Kindergarten that he had in the beginning […]

How To Motivate Your Child To Read

Your child’s desire for reading has everything to do with how you shape their existence from a young age. While it is best not to push too much on them too soon, a parent should also select books that age appropriate and encourage reading as much as possible. The great thing about books is that […]

Outdoor Summer Math Game + Tips To Prevent The Summer Slide The Fun Way!

Did you know that research shows students lose two to three months of grade level math equivalency over the summer? I couldn’t believe how much knowledge they lose over the Summer and after spending the entire year helping my daughter understand all of the new math concepts that were taught in first grade there was […]

Teach Your Baby or Toddler Multiple Languages + FREE Resources To Do It!!

Your baby’s brain undergoes phenomenal growth that is unequalled at any other time of their life between birth and age 3. How do you take advantage of this window of opportunity to give your child the best start in life? You’ve likely heard the phrase that a child’s brain is “like a sponge”? This is especially […]

Kids N Bids Educates AND Earns Kids Name Brand Toys When They Do Well!

Our kids are part of a tech-savvy generation and it’s no surprise that one of the ways they like to play and learn is on a computer. Kids now need to be computer savvy even as young as Kindergarten. My children’s classrooms are equipped with computers from the age of 5 and they are expected […]

Rocky Road Hot Chocolate Recipe + Snow Paint Sensory Bin!

As the Winter days get colder we tend to stay indoors more often than we go outdoors. I’ll admit that while my 3 and 5 year old love to go out and play in the snow, I don’t always relish the thought of dressing up my 1 year old, 3 year old and 5 year […]

Learning About Wind: Wind Experiments For Kids

We live on ten acres in the middle of a field and it is very windy here since we don’t have any tree cover to block the wind. We have been doing wind experiments to teach the kids all about wind. While we can feel the wind, we can’t see it and trying to describe […]

How To Teach Reading Skills To Your Children

When I was growing up I couldn’t read enough books. I loved them. It was like an addiction, an itch I could never scratch. I excelled at reading, always won trophies in the Summer reading program at our library and more often than not you’d find me with my nose in a book. I loved […]

Have Fun With Colors! Fun Ways To Teach Kids About Colors

Children all learn in different ways and I am a big fan of giving them multiple platforms to learn on. Some kids learn best by hearing, some by doing and others by seeing. This week I’ve been teaching the kids all about colors! Colors are such a fun topic to learn about because there is […]

Free Online Preschool Curriculum! Daily Classes & Free Printables!

*This is a sponsored campaign with Mums the Word Network and Chalk Preschool . All opinions are my own. I am planning on homeschooling my son Aiden who has a life threatening peanut allergy. We aren’t satisfied with our school’s lack of policy concerning his allergy and their lack of experience in dealing with kids […]

Teach Your Child Counting With First Fun with Quantities Pegging Game From HABA!

Aiden is learning to count and at 3 years old he is becoming more interested in game play. The HABA First Fun with Quantities Pegging Game is just what he needed to encourage his learning and stimulate his need for game play. The HABA First Fun with Quantities pegging game is colorful and durably made […]