Family Friendly Kid Approved Freezer Meal Recipes

Family Friendly Kid Approved Freezer Meal Recipes

I absolutely love  having my freezer stocked with meals for the month (or two!) and not having to worry about the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?”. I can just pull a meal out of the freezer and have it all ready to go. It just needs to cook! It’s such a relief to not spend an hour or more in the kitchen at night cooking dinner or waste money eating out because I haven’t planned something for dinner that night. I am five months pregnant now and I always do a freezer full of meals before I deliver so that when I come home with my new baby we are still eating great meals without all the fuss of preparing them. All the work is done!

Family Friendly Kid Approved Freezer Meal Recipes From Must Have Mom

Here are some of our favorite freezer meal recipes! I have 3 young kids and one of them is a very picky eater. These are all great tasting meals that my family loves and even pass with my picky eater. I’m not a fan of the cream of whatever soup casseroles in every possible variety for dinner so you won’t find that here. This is all GOOD food that doesn’t taste like it just came out of the freezer. Just because you made it ahead of time doesn’t mean it should taste like leftovers! These all taste fresh and delicious and there is nothing “leftover” tasting about them (I hate leftovers by the way!). I’ll continue to share my recipes with you in the weeks to come. We’ve weeded out some really gross recipes and I’m bringing you only our favorites!

Be sure to check out my Getting started freezer cooking: 101 Tips & Tricks post before you get started! Below are my favorite freezer meal recipes. Click the picture to be taken to each recipe where you can print them all off. Pin this post to bookmark it and come back later!

Chicken & Steak Fajita Kits Freezer Meal Recipe

Chicken and Steak Fajita Kits Freezer Meal Recipe

Chicken Enchiladas Freezer Meal Recipe

Chicken Enchiladas Freezer Meal Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Braid Freezer Meal Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Braid Freezer Meal Recipe

Pepperoni Stromboli Freezer Meal Recipe

Pepperoni Stromboli Freezer Meal Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Freezer Recipe

Italian Meatloaf Freezer Meal Recipe

Italian Meatloaf Freezer Meal Recipe

Italian Stuffed Shells Freezer Meal Recipe

Italian Stuffed Shells Freezer Meal Recipe

Taco Stuffed Shells Freezer Recipe

Taco Stuffed Shells Freezer Meal Recipe

Freezer Meal Breakfast Sandwiches

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches Recipe

Apple Crisp Freezer Friendly Recipe

Freezer Friendly Apple Crisp Recipe

Give some of these recipes a try and start stocking your freezer with delicious, homemade meals!

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    1. My youngest is so picky that it is super hard to sneak any type of veggie or fruit into a meal or snack… He won’t eat most foods and I’m looking for recipes with super hidden nutrition for him… He won’t drink smoothies of any type, anything with seeds or nuts, texture is a huge thing for him.. he is a challenge.. he loves pepperoni pizza, rice , chicken nuggets , and ramen… Chocolate… Anything chocolate he likes except pediasure… It’s like he knows it’s vitamins… Seldomly he will eat carrots apples bananas and cucumbers… My teenagers eat everything… Is anyone else having this issue?

      1. I have one of those lovely picky eaters and he is such a challenge. I can totally relate. I try and choose my battles and get him to eat a variety of foods as much as possible. I’ve added fresh fruits that he likes, he hates veggies and is super picky. He will spot a speck of veggie in a food a mile away lol. It’s definitely not easy but reducing the amount of processed food and sugar in their diet is a huge help. We have also reduced dairy in his diet since it is inflammatory. He’s a fan of my gluten free chicken strips (recipe is posted on here), potatoes, corn, gluten free Pamela’s pancakes with blueberries, steak, tacos and chicken. I try and always offer something he will eat and not make something special for him. It’s helped urge him to try things because he is hungry and doesn’t have an alternative. Good luck! I know it’s frustrating but try and choose your battles and offer healthy options that your child likes.

  1. Freezer chocolate chip cookies?! Sounds fantastic for those times when I’m too busy to bake. And it would be great for portion control as well, as no need to bake them all at once!

  2. So I am six months pregnant and not American…but my husband is so I been looking and looking for freezer recipies for a long time… I needed something where they write done how to freez it and also how to heat it… with no chicken… 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipies… I could use beef or pork and make my hubby happy and make the time when the baby is here so much easier… thank you sooooo very much… 🙂 you just saved me from going nuts 🙂

  3. they look yummy. i like having things that are easy to fix but still really good and something my LO wants to eat. she loves pizza so I know the pizza braid would be her meal of choice

    1. My kids like them and they are so nice to just pull out and make rather than having to plan dinner and prepare it. Major time saver!

  4. I love freezer meals as they are so wonderful on those busy nights when one does not have time to do all the meal preparation. Thank you for the kid friendly freezer meals.

  5. Amazing. Going to add some of these to my recipe list. I might even invite some of my homeschool Mom friends over for a stock your freezer party. Might be inspired if I don’t have to prep all by myself.

  6. I could really do some of these on my days off and freeze for the kids. Would make it so easy for me and we do have a large freezer to store them in. They’d enjoy so many of these

  7. wooow!!! its a very nice share

    That’s one of our all-time faces! I make it almost every time I do some freezer cooking!
    Thank you for the fun and amazing recipes, look great

    keep sharing new recepies ideas I love to try new recepies….

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