ERGObaby Papoose Coat Review!

I am a die hard fan of my ERGObaby carrier. It is my absolute favorite, must have baby product. With Winter in full swing here it is hard to use your baby carrier outdoors and stay warm. I usually end up wearing a jacket that is a few sizes too big (my husband’s) or trying to wrap one around Aiden. In the end it never works very well. ERGObaby has come out with 2 new coats to help solve this problem. They have this Papoose coat which is lighter weight and great for Fall and Spring as well as a Winter coat.

The Papoose Coat allows you to wear your baby in the carrier and easily zip up around them keeping you both warm and cozy. Here I have the collar open and Aiden’s head is sticking out a lot but you can also close up the collar and keep baby snuggled in more as shown here:

There is also an option to either carry the baby in front or behind you. Here I am with Aiden in front and the back of the coat is closed and here is a picture showing the baby in back:

The Papoose Coat is very versatile and thanks to the double row of buttons on the front yoke you can wear the coat on its own as well. The coat is available in small, medium and large.

Why we love it: I love the versatility of the Papoose Coat in that you can wear baby in front, back or wear the coat without baby in the carrier. It keeps both mom and baby warm and cozy and looks a lot better than when I wore my hubby’s coat!

Suggestions for improvement: I’d love a color selection beyond the gray available. I think for our Minnesota weather the Winter coat would be warmer for Winter but the Papoose Coat is great for Fall and Spring.

Buy It! You can buy the ERGObaby Papoose Coat for $160 on their site!



  1. I fell in love when I saw this but I am curious did you try the back carry with the coat. I want to know if it's easy to do solo? I use the ergo daily to pick up the girls from daycare (we bus home)and so I need something that is easy to do without help. My peekaru vest has been a huge help, but it only works well for the front carry

    1. We use our peekaru too back carry mostly..LOVE it!! This whole jacket seems nifty!! Might have to buy one JUST because 🙂

  2. Hi Dani,

    I love my Peekaru as well 🙂 I don't usually carry Aiden on my back so I haven't tried it that way but I will try and let you know!


  3. Thanks for the great review. This would be the perfect gift for my sister. Thanks to you I just found it. She wears her Ergo everyday and lives in Canada, so I know she would love it!!!

  4. OMG, this is awesome! I had no idea they made such a thing. Not really necessary for me here in SC, but I know some friends that could use it!

  5. If this coat is great for fall/spring, then any recommendations for the bitter cold of MN winter. Last year I got out the stroller, but with all that snow I just couldn't keep at it. My daughter is 15 months; I still like the carrier for quick walks with the dog, but am currently wrapping my husbands coat over the carrier. Please send some advice. Thanks

  6. If this coat is great for fall/spring, can you make any recommendations for the cold winter months. Thanks! My daughter is 15 months

  7. Hi DB,

    Thanks for your question. ERGObaby does have a heavier Winter coat now as well ( I haven't personally tried it but it is supposed to be heavier weight for Winter. I did actually wear this one (the lighter one) out last night to go look at lights. It was about 30 degrees out and I had on a couple layers underneath it. We both stayed warm enough with it! Check out their Winter coat though! The coat works really well and beats wearing your hubby's oversized jacket or not being able to zip your own! Good luck!


  8. Any sizing comments? I want the winter coat but am nervous about sizing (the measurements in their site sound like it runs v small)… It should work with a Boba vs Ergo, right?

  9. I thought it ran true to size. I got a size small which is in line with what I would wear in a woman's size.

    By the way I LOVE the Winter coat and I will have a review in the coming week comparing the two coats and I'll be giving away the Winter and the lighter weigh coats too!

    Yes, it would work with a Boba I'm sure. It doesn't really matter which type of carrier you have.

    Hope this helps and stay tuned for my upcoming Winter coat review & giveaway!


  10. Hi. Thanks for this review. I’m wondering if you can do a back carry with this coat by yourself? How do you zip it up? I mostly do back carries and I’m looking for something warm but lightweight for Arizona’s winter. I must be able to put it on and zip it up myself. Will it go over your head already zipped? Thanks!! 🙂

    1. Hi Katrina. Yes, you can do a back carry by yourself. There is an opening in the back of the coat that you can just slip over your child’s head as you put the coat on. When wearing your baby you leave that flap unzipped so any zipping you do would be in front of you. Hope that helps! The sale price on these right now is amazing!

  11. Oh good, thanks for your reply! Could you tell me about sizing? Does it matter how big your child is? I wear a size 6, sometimes 8. I usually wear a size medium (sometimes small in Women’s). But these days (postpartum and big breasts) I wear a medium.
    I’m wondering if a medium would work, or if I should get a large anticipating wearing my baby as she grows bigger (she is 13 months now).
    I don’t want it to be too big and bulky, I’d like it to look good on its own too.
    What do you think? Thanks!

  12. How cold would you recommend wear the lightweight one? I am in Washington state and am wondering which would be better.

  13. I would love to have one of these. Laila loves her Ergo carrier and we are out a lot on foot as I don’t drive and daddy is at work with the car. The weather is getting cooler and we will be spending December in MN. Alas, they are too expensive for me. Maybe we will have luck with the giveaway.

  14. I’m interested in getting the winter coat version, but the cut looks similar to this lightweight version. I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 and I’m due the end of January. Do you think I could use this as a maternity coat until baby is born or do you the it’s going to look all wonky? I’d rather kill two birds with one stone and just get this one!

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