What If Simply Swapping The Brand Of Coffee You Drink Could Improve Your Health? Take the coffee challenge and see what it does for your health! Curious what benefits you might reap? Keep reading!


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Coffee Challenge

By taking the coffee challenge you swap out your daily cup of joe for a healthier cup of coffee in its place and sit back and see what health benefits you discover. The science is solid and shows the amazing benefits of reishi mushroom and Ganoderma lucidum. Organo has found a way to infuse the Ganoderma from the reishi mushroom into tasty coffee, tea and even hot chocolate! There are thousands of studies on this ancient herb and we’ve found a TASTY way to drink it that can help improve your health in the process.

Trust me, I hate mushrooms and I love this coffee. The flavor is amazing and tastes nothing like mushrooms. Give this coffee a try and see for yourself! It comes in a variety of flavors including black, latte, mocha, green tea, red tea and even hot chocolate. There is sure to be a flavor for everyone (even non-coffee drinkers!). Intrigued? Here are some of the health benefits you can expect to see from consuming the Ganoderma in Organo coffee.


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Benefits of Ganoderma

Watch this video to see all of the amazing health benefits of the ancient, prized herb, Ganoderma!



Make A Healthy Choice Every Day!

Organo coffee and tea contains organic Ganoderma, one of the world’s most researched and beneficial herbs! Ganoderma’s many health benefits include:
  • Improves immune function 
  •  Is anti-viral and anti-bacterial
  •  Decreases inflammation
  •  Is ALKALINE instead of acidic
  •  Improves blood sugar
  •  Enhances kidney and liver function
  •  Promotes a calming (GABAnergic) response
  •  Encourages deeper sleep

The Ganoderma Difference

What makes ORGANO™ products so special?

Simply, it’s Ganoderma; the gold behind ORGANO. Ganoderma is one of the most researched herbs of all time.
Ganoderma – The powerhouse of mushrooms, has been used for over 2,000 years for its ability to support a healthy immune system because it helps support the growth of your body’s own active immune system cells.
Furthermore, antioxidants and a healthy diet can really help your body fight the side effects of inflammation. We use the spores, the mycelium, and the Ganoderma cap – each has its own unique blend of antioxidants to support fighting free radicals that can cause inflammation and damage at the cellular level.
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Why ORGANO Has The BEST Ganoderma Products:

  • ORGANO™ takes great care to grow Ganoderma in its native environment on wooden trees or logs. Some companies harvest their Ganoderma using plastic bags, which means the precious spores cannot effectively propagate, which makes plastic bag-harvested Ganoderma much less potent.
  • The prized spores are protected by a hard shell that protects and nourishes spore potency. Other companies crush the shells, also crushing the spore itself. ORGANO™ uses a patented process to gently crack the shell, releasing the power of the spores to help protect and defend your health.
  • ​ORGANO™ is the only North American network marketing company to partner with the largest certified organic Ganoderma plantations in the world to bring this “treasure of life” to the Western world.
  • Once the Ganoderma mushrooms have been transformed, the reishi mushroom powder is added to the ORGANO™ family of products, including our beverages such as our Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Café Latte, Gourmet Café Mocha, Organic Green Tea + More!


Organo Testimonials

organo hot chocolate testimonials


“My 4 year daughter suffered with eczema which eventually became an infection. It was terrible because there was a lot of pus and she used to scratch it a lot during the day and Night. She woke up during the nights with her pants stuck to her legs which was painful. I joined organo in October 2018 and had done a lot of research on the product. I started with the Organo Hot Cocoa. I took pictures everyday since I started the Organo and the results i got was amazing.

I’ve also noticed a very big difference with her focus, concentration and sleeping patterns. Around this time of the year both my kids usually suffer with severe bronchitis either with whooping cough and this hasn’t come up since.”

“I use the shakes and Latte, and BOY can I tell when I don’t! My daughter has been teething excellently, other than drooling, we couldn’t even tell until they started pushing against her gums. I haven’t been staying on top of using my Organo lately (finals 😑) and she is crabby, anxious, has a runny nose, not sleeping well, and her poor gums are super red and swollen. I finally remembered my latte this morning and she nursed this afternoon-she hasn’t been that happy and content for DAYS. Seriously, this stuff has saved our lives!” -Christalina

“I have been using the black coffee and spore capsules for the past couple months. I’m 3 weeks late on my Stelara shot for my Crohn’s disease and have not been having any flare symptoms so far! Usually I start flaring up again 1-2 weeks before being due for my next shot. My mood is also a thousand times better – way less irritable, less depressed, even though my current job situation is awful I handle things so much better as far as my mood goes. More focus and much more energy – I wish the energy carried over to the next day though… I still struggle trying to get up each morning but once I drink the coffee and take the spores I have a really good amount of energy. Ganoderma has been life changing.” – Jana

“I’m a Type 1 diabetic with generally good control. I️ exercise, eat well, and have been what my docs consider Uber-compliant over the past ten years I’ve lived with this condition. Since April, I’ve cut my insulin intake by 2/3…and today I️ learned that my a1c level is 5.2. The only thing I’ve changed…added OG coffee and 3 spores a day to my routine. Here’s to my next 60 years!” – Leslie


organo shakes weight loss testimonial

“Well this has been an amazing journey and it has only begun! I was once a size 44, now I’m a 34. I’ve lost over 90 lb in 8 1/2 months thanks to two OGX shakes a day, but what I’m most proud of isn’t my weight, it’s my mental state. I feel great physically and mentally. I’m able to sleep and cope with life a whole lot better, and I had a lisfranc fracture on my right foot which I used to be scared of even jogging or running because of the pain, but today I couldn’t even tell you which foot it was thanks to the power of Ganoderma!”  – Francisco


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