Ganoderma Mushroom Coffee


Health starts at the cellular level, where all energy, and aging of our bodies occur.

Every day our immune system is under attack from stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and pollution.

Simple vitamin C is not enough. If you protect and defend your health, you need the power of the secrets of the ancients.

Ganoderma, the powerhouse of mushrooms, has been used for over 2,000 years for its ability to support a healthy immune system.


Ganoderma is also an adaptogen, meaning that it gives your body what it needs, bringing it back into balance the way God intended for it to function. That means it works differently for each person. If you need more energy, it can boost your energy. If you need to be calmed down, it can have a calming effect. It can do something different for everyone, ranging from better and more restful sleep to regulating blood pressure and even fighting cancer. There are multiple PubMed studies to back these claims up as well.

What makes ORGANO™ Ganoderma Products so special?

Not only do the products contain Ganoderma, the King Coffee and Spore Powder Capsules contain the prized Ganoderma Spores, part of the mushroom protected by a hard shell that protects and nourishes the spore potency. Most companies that sell Ganoderma crush the shells, also crushing the spore itself. ORGANO™ uses a patented process to gently crack the shell, releasing the power of the spores to help protect and defend your health. Then the prized mushrooms are added to an incredible line of beverages and nutraceutical capsules.

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Take the 7 day coffee challenge! Swap your coffee for my Ganoderma mushroom coffee for 7 days and see what it can do for your health! Just choose the 7 day coffee challenge pack and pick your 7 varieties by putting it in the notes with your order. You’ll also receive a log to track what changes you experience!

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