Homemade Elderberry Syrup Recipe

I made it through the whole Winter without getting sick only to have a cold strike me this Spring! Grrr! I wasn’t about to give in and settle for a 2 week cold. I knew I needed to whip up a batch of homemade elderberry syrup so I’d have a fighting chance at kicking this […]

Smoothie & Juicing Recipes for Cold and Flu Prevention

I don’t know about you but I HATE being sick. There is SO much sickness going around this year and it seems to be worse than it has been in years past. This has left me doing everything in my power to be on the offense and stay one step ahead of the cold and […]

Natural Cold Remedies For Kids

When your kids are sick you want to bring them relief and make them feel better. This can be tricky for little ones because most cold medicines can’t be taken by kids under 6. Luckily there are natural cold remedies that can help even the littles kiddos feel better. As a mom of four and […]

Tips To Stay Healthy & Conquer The Cold Season This Year! It Works For Us!

*This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. (#CollectiveBias) and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone and should not be taken as medical advice. #HealthySavings As a mother to four little germ magnets children, I can’t tell you how many germs get passed around here. When my oldest child, Danika, started Kindergarten we were […]

The First Ever Chocolate Flavored Cold Medicine! They Nailed It!

Have you ever been up with a sick child in the middle of the night trying to coax them into taking their medicine, but being met by cries because is’s yucky? It can be so discouraging when trying to help our kids take their medicine because we want them to feel better, but they don’t […]

5 Natural Ways To Relieve Cold Symptoms

We are right smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season and I am 8 months pregnant. I have to say I’ve had a rough go of it with my immune system this pregnancy and I seem to have caught just about everything going around. When you are pregnant you are left with […]

Ninja Ultima Blender + Smoothie Recipe For Fighting The Flu!

  Why is it that it seems like it is so difficult to find a nice blender? I’ve gone through so many through the years that just don’t get the job done. I had heard lots of raving Ninja Ultima review accounts so I decided that maybe, just maybe, this would be the one that […]

Safe, Natural, Effective Cold and Flu Remedies for Toddlers

This has been an awful year for cold and flu as it has run rampant across the country. My household is no exception and we’ve had our fair share of cold and flu viruses running through our house. Currently Danika has a terrible cough and runny nose. At 4 years old she is too young […]