Must Have Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf Combines Fashion & Function

      I love fashion and love looking good while on the run. Usually I’m chasing my kids, not doing something overly exciting, but I want to look great because then I feel great. I certainly don’t slow down for much and I usually have my four kiddos in tow wherever I go. With […]

Breastfeeding Must Haves + Breastfeeding Essentials Checklist

When it comes to breastfeeding you might think that you really don’t need much right? Just you and your baby? Well, it certainly CAN be done with just you and your baby, but you will find that there are a few things that are essential to nursing and some other things that are really nice […]

The Struggles of Breastfeeding and the Big Rewards That Follow!

As a breastfeeding mama who has nursed all 3 of my children and a Registered Nurse previously working on The Birthplace before ultimately deciding to be a stay at home mom, I have a lot of experience with breastfeeding. I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 5 years of my life! I nursed my […]

Woman kicked out of McDonald’s for breastfeeding!

As a mother who breastfeeds my kids (Danika until she was 11 months and still nursing Aiden at 8 months) I was horrified to hear that a manager at a McDonald’s Restaurant in Phoenix kicked a lady and her kids out of the restaurant for nursing her 5 month old. Not only is it against […]

Don’t have a hands free breast pump? Simple Wishes makes them all hands free!

Pumping is a pain in the butt, plain and simple. I don’t think there is any way around it. I’ve got two kids and zero time on my hands to sit around holding my pump on my chest to get milk. Unfortunately Aiden can’t tolerate formula at all so I can’t even use it to […]

Crying over spilled milk…Breastmilk that is…

In celebration of my hubby’s Birthday we decided we needed to go out on date night and leave the kids at home. We left the kids with my mom and I gave her a rundown of all the things she needed to know. I even gave her instructions on cloth diapering the kids (something I […]

Pump Hands Free! Review

I am a breastfeeding mama. I love nursing my babies and have had great experiences doing it. One thing I struggle with is leaving them with a sitter when they are little and still nursing often. It is a pain for me to have to pump and in my opinion it is just easier to […]