Canning 101 The Basics Of Getting Started Canning

When you put a summers worth of time and effort into growing a garden, providing organic healthy foods for your family and friends, it’s a shame if all of it doesn’t get eaten. When you find that you can grow more than you can eat don’t fret! You don’t have to give it all away […]

10 Canning Recipes To Preserve Your Garden Harvest

It’s almost harvest time and one thing that pains me like nothing else is when the garden veggies and fruits that I have worked so hard to grow go to waste because we can’t eat them in time. Don’t let that happen! Preserve your garden harvest by canning it instead! Canning can seem intimidating but […]

Benefits Of Cooking With Canned Food ~ Things You May Not Know!

Did you know that cooking with canned food is actually good for you? I think that canned foods have gotten a bad rap and people don’t realize just how beneficial cooking with canned food can be. I am a huge fan of growing my own food in my garden and every Fall I spend a […]

Wild Plum Jelly Recipe How To Can Your Own!

With the end of the growing season comes canning! I’ve been busy canning everything from pickles to jelly here and I have to admit that while it is a lot of work to can everything, it is so worth it to have canned goods from my garden all Winter long! Last night I made two […]