How to Talk to Your Child About Online Safety and ACTUALLY Get Them to Listen!

Talking to your child or teen about online safety can seem like an overwhelming task and certainly is one of those things that is easy to put on the back burner. This day and age though it should be ranking at the top of our to do list. With stories in the news every day […]

How To Find Your DREAM Job and LOVE What You Do!

I can vividly remember trying to “just pick” a career as a high school student. I chose to attend college my junior and senior years of high school in leu of high school through a program called post secondary education. It allowed me to basically skip my 11th and 12th years in high school and […]

A Place for Me: Making Your College Dorm Room All Your Own

Frustrating, isn’t it? Most dorms don’t allow for much individuality. You want to decorate, but you have to “follow the rules.” Here’s what you can do to make the place your own without making any permanent changes. Where To Shop If you’re like most students, you probably went through a service like to find […]

Taking Care of Teens: 4 Times It Doesn’t Pay to Save Money

Being the parent of a teenager or teenagers can be a challenging time for everyone involved. As you and your teen maneuver the ever-changing landscape between childhood and adulthood, stress can be commonplace, but the opportunity to experience new richness from your relationship exists as well. There are many ways to usher your teen into […]

Cyber Safety for Teens: Tips Parents Need To Know!

Cyber safety is a hot topic right now. With all of the stories out there about kidnappings and stalking, it’s not a bad idea to be more cautious of what your children are doing online, especially teens. Teens have many tendencies that may lead them to talk to strangers online, even if they say they […]