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There Is More Than One Right Way To Raise A Baby

I am so proud to be joining Similac in their Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign to put an end, once and for all, to the mommy wars. By uniting together as mothers and saying no to judgement, we are choosing to support each other and build each other up. It’s not a competition to see who […]

An open letter to all moms…End Mommy Wars!

I had a whirlwind week that started out in NYC with an important mission in mind. I was there on behalf of Similac and my partnership with the Sisterhood of Motherhood. I was joined with many other moms, all with a common goal, to end mommy wars. Mommy wars have been raging since before we […]

Brand Ambassador

I currently serve as a brand ambassador for the brands listed below. I believe in these companies and their mission. I personally use and recommend products made by these companies!                 Past Brand Ambassador Listed below are the brands that I have served as an ambassador for in the past.      […]