How To Make The Easiest Ever DIY No Sew Fabric Flip Flops!
Prep Time
30 mins
Total Time
30 mins
Easiest ever no sew DIY fabric flip flops! Make a few pair in under 30 minutes!
Course: Craft
Servings: 1
Author: Sarah | Must Have Mom
  • One pair cheap flip flops - I get the flip flops from Walmart or Old Navy
  • Scissors
  • 4 Strips of fabric measuring 4.5" x 24" approx or use scrap fabric You'll need about 1/4 yard total
  • Optional: Hot glue
  1. Start by turning over the flip flop and cutting off the knobs on the bottom so the rubber strap is completely removed.
  2. Cut your fabric into four strips measuring 4 1/2" wide by 24" long. They don't need to measure perfectly. If you have scraps that are slightly more narrow or a little shorter they will work. Don't go too much shorter than 24" though or you won't have much fabric to work with when tying your knots. There is no need to finish the edges of your fabric by sewing the edges under. I love the fraying look! It's completely on trend.
  3. Then cut the ends of each strip into a point so they are easier to thread through the holes.
  4. Now take two of your fabric strips and hold them together. Push the ends through the hole near where your toes go. Pull them through about an inch and a half so you have just enough fabric to tie a double knot.
  5. Now tie a double knot in the fabric and pull it very tight. The knot will fit into the divot that the previous knob (that you cut off) was in. Don't worry if it seems a little big, as you walk on it it will depress into the divot.
  6. Once you have tied your double knot trim the tails off near your knot.
  7. Now turn your flip flop over. Taking both strips in your hand tie a single knot about an inch or so up from the bottom of the sandal. This is the piece that will go between your toes. Tie it tightly.
  8. Now tie a second knot in the same way, directly above your first knot. Pull it tight.
  9. Now you are ready to create the strap. Pull each strip though the remaining two holes (1 strip in each hole).
  10. Now you need to try on the sandal. Try it on and adjust it to fit snug. Remember that the fabric will stretch a little as you walk in them so make sure you adjust it to a snug fit. Once you have it where you want it tie a single knot in each strip.
  11. Pull your knots tight and then trim off the ends. The knots will fit into the divots. I was worried that they would be uncomfortable to walk on if the knots didn't fit all the way into the divots but they are not uncomfortable at all and I don't even fell them underneath the sandal.
  12. Now you're done! If you don't trust your knots you can take a little hot glue and secure them on the underside of the sandal so they don't come untied but it's totally optional. See I told you it was easy! Now make a few more pair to match your outfits! It's addicting because they are so cheap and easy to make, but they look like boutique sandals!