Woman kicked out of McDonald’s for breastfeeding!

As a mother who breastfeeds my kids (Danika until she was 11 months and still nursing Aiden at 8 months) I was horrified to hear that a manager at a McDonald’s Restaurant in Phoenix kicked a lady and her kids out of the restaurant for nursing her 5 month old. Not only is it against the law to do that, it is just plain ridiculous. Watch this story for the details:

While I can appreciate that some people may not want to watch you nurse your child or worse, see your breasts while they are eating, I don’t think that was the case here. She stated she was nursing discreetly and I don’t believe she was ever exposed. If you have ever nursed your babies then you know that there are times you are out in public and they need to eat. I am appalled at people who suggest we go to the bathroom and nurse our baby. Would you take your meal into the bathroom at a public restaurant and eat it? I didn’t think so.

I have nursed my babies in public many times and have become a pro at doing it discreetly. There have been many times that people will come up and talk to me while I’m nursing and have no idea that I’m sitting there nursing Aiden. There is a way to do it without bothering anyone else. And if you are so disgusted by it then I don’t understand that because it it natural and what God designed. It is not a gross thing.

So I know this is a controversial subject. What are your thoughts on it? Do you agree that she should’ve been kicked out of McDonald’s or not? What do you think of the nurse-in she mentioned? Would you participate in it?



  1. anonymous says:

    Perhaps she was kicked out for bringing in outside beverages?

    Seriously though, I think it's absurd. You'd think society would support a healthy baby. No need to be shunned into obscurity because your child is hungry.

  2. That's ridiculous. The Manager should be ashamed. There's absolutely no excuse for a mother not to feed her child in public. I certainly hope McD's and the owner of the local establishment apologize.

  3. That makes me furious! I'm a nursing mom as well and I don't care where I am, if my baby wants to eat, then I should have the right to feed her! It's not like I'm sitting there trying to show everyone my breasts. If breastfeeding makes a person feel uncomfortable, then look the other way for 10 minutes!

  4. As I understand it, there was a nurse-in last week. Many mothers showed up with their little ones and toddlers in tow, breastfeeding and relaxing the day away. While the manager did not try to kick anyone out this time, there was absolutely no apology made to the mother who was kicked out in the first place. The man should be deeply ashamed of himself. I wish I could have seen a few pictures of the nurse-in (talk about empowerment) but McDonalds refused to allow anyone from the press on the premises.

  5. I am completely shocked that this manager did this! I wonder if he still has his job???

  6. Well, let's see: fatty, salt-laden, no-nutrition GMO McDonalds food or healthy, natural, nutritious mother's milk? Can't have MickyD's respecting food that's not part of the profit profile!

  7. OK – I'm gonna have my say – whether you agree or not – LOL – guess you could delete it 🙂 While 99% of the time, I have no problem with breastfeeding in public, it usually brings a smile to my face, I have seen some women just about strip to feed their toddlers – the kids are 3 and 4 and using it more as a pacifier – so before i judge, I would have to know the facts

  8. I breastfed my princess until she was 1 and I was very careful of not letting nothing show most of the time people didn't know I was even breastfeeding they just thought that the baby was sleeping lol. I had nursing covers and a nice little poncho, but I have seen on more than one occasion women just take out their boob and start breastfeeding. I found that kind of weird even for me. I think if you want people to respect your decision to breastfeed then we as mothers should respect the fact that a lot of people don't want to see us just pop out your boob.Cover it up.

  9. That is crazy. It should have been none of his business, unless she was hanging out showing the world. Why can't the world just let us feed our babies?! I breastfed for the first year, but I can't say that I ever fed in public…at work yes, but at my desk. I did feed him once in a parking lot, with the car running, so I guess that is in public, but never in a public facility…but had I been in a position to have to I would have.

  10. She was nursing her then 5 month old baby. It wasn't a toddler and she claims she was doing it discreetly. I am the first to agree that we don't need to just whip it out in public but I can't agree with kicking someone out of a public place if they are discreetly nursing. There are plenty of nursing covers out there that make it easy to nurse in public without exposing yourself.


  11. Yes – I found the article and it was an infant – but we still don't know what she was doing – was she discreet? was she baring it all? I have seen both – first is great – second is not – when my girls were younger and breastfeeding – I fed them in public and the only time you knew was when I fed the oldest one – lol – she was quite noisy – even as an infant 🙂 But, while I fed my kids wherever I happened to be, I did not expose myself to others around me 🙂

  12. discreet or not, it was against the law what the manager did. bottomline. i seriously doubt she was trying to flash anyone. its stuff like this that about gives me a panic attack when we go out and i have to nurse. i have my own state's law memorized and have thought about printing several mini copies to pass out in the event someone says something.

  13. I breastfed my 8 month old on the airplane smooshed in a middle seat. Neither lady on either side even noticed. (one was a 19 year old girl and she was like "what?" LOL)

    So there is a way to nurse without people noticing and I am all for people doing this.

    How I feel about nursing in public: I nursed my daughter for 22 months and son for 15 months. NIP is a wonderful thing and needed for babies. But I have to admit when people nurse indiscreetly it still bothers me slightly. I have seen entire boobs hanging out of a mom's shirt while a baby squirmed away. I love seeing a mom nursing her baby no matter the age but please practice at home with a fussy baby so you know what to do.

    However that being said the manager had NO right to kick her out. He should have apologized. That is just wrong

  14. I think a huge problem with our North American society is that we over sexualize EVERYTHING that has anything to do with a body part that is considered taboo. So, the thing god created boobs FOR becomes gross or inappropriate b/c men happen to like boobs as well as babies. It's just silly.

  15. I've proudly breastfed in public without a nursing cover! I always make sure I wear a nursing tank and have a zip up hoodie (short sleeve or long sleeve). SO much easier and that way no one can tell! I just have my husband stand in front of me or I turn to the side while the baby is latching so no one can see any nipple. It's not like my boob is hanging out.

    I show a lot less cleavage than half the girls walking around in their summer shorts and tanks! I'm not going to feed my children in a nasty restroom because you are turning lunchtime for my baby into your own personal modesty soapbox! I'm not going to be shamed into feeding my baby in an uncomfortable position or place.

    Does any baby over the age of 2 months tolerate a nursing cover, especially in the heat?! Maybe yours does, but mine just pulls it off or moves it out of the way! I end up showing more skin trying to keep the thing in place!

    Bottom Line: If you don't like it don't look. Breastfeeding wherever I choose is a law and my right as a Mom!

  16. what the hell is wrong with people today? Would they kick a fat person out for looking silly trying to sit in their small booth? Would they kick a handicap person out for rolling on the floor? All of these things are illegal and discriminatory, same as asking a breastfeeding mom to stop… who cares if a breast is out in public… we see more of them on TV damn it! people need to get over it! When asked to leave whip out the other one! that will give them something to talk about!!!!!

  17. anonymous says:

    I'm glad they staged the nurse-in, because let's face it, that baby was probably eating the healthiest thing in the restaurant!

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