Who does this baby look like?? A sneak peak into the womb!

I shared our last visit to Enlightened 4D Imaging with you when we were very excited to find out we were having a boy! We last went there when I was 16 weeks along. I am now 32 weeks and we were able to visit them when I was 30 weeks. The 3D/4D ultrasound was nothing short of amazing and we were actually able to see what our baby looks like. We were in awe and our whole family has been stunned by the quality of the pictures we got. Now you decide. Who does our 3rd baby look like?

Here is Danika when she was born

And here is Aiden when he was born


And this is our baby boy due next month! 


I think he totally looks like my Aiden did when he was born. What do you think?


We were also excited to get a peak at what he is up to in there. I could always feel his little feet travel from the top of my tummy down so imagine my surprise to see my little guy in there sucking on his TOES! That’s right look at those long toes! They are SO long haha. You can see his little tongue between his big toe and the next toe. It was so neat to see him in action. Now I know exactly what he’s been up to with those feet moving all over my belly!


I was so impressed with the personal and  professional service we received at Enlightened 4D Imaging in Bloomington, MN. They are one of the best facilities in the whole country and I’m proud to say they are located here in Minnesota. They have people fly in from all over to visit their top of the line 4D imaging facility. Their equipment is top notch and their staff is professionally trained. Other facilities don’t match up to the training that the ultrasound technicians have at Enlightened 4D Imaging. With a medical background and many years in the industry they know what they are doing and it shows.

Not only is their professional knowledge top notch but their facility is warm and welcoming and sure to make your ultrasound experience a good one. Check out the size of the screen that you will view your ultrasound on! It’s bigger than me! I love that the images are gigantic so you can clearly see everything. No straining your neck or your eyes to see a tiny screen.


Don’t worry about being comfortable either! Their bed you lay on during the ultrasound is absolutely amazing. I’ve had terrible lower back pain with this pregnancy and after laying down at my doctor’s office for an ultrasound I can barely get up afterwards. With this bed at Enlightened Imaging I was not only comfortable, but I didn’t want to get off of it!

The staff at Enlightened Imaging makes you feel so welcomed and at ease. You are welcome to bring your whole family if you wish. They are a family run business with a professional background and the combination is what makes this place the best. They are the only Minnesota provider to have access to a board certified OB,  to have medical oversight that ensures both yours and your babies safety is at the forefront of everything they do, and the only Minnesota provider to have the most advanced ultrasound system, the GE E8 Expert!!! Make sure you do your research before choosing a facility to go to as they are not all created equal! Enlightened Imaging has affordable packages to fit your budget. This is likely our last baby and I have to say that I am so happy that I didn’t miss out on this experience. It is one that you won’t get another chance at and it was so neat to get a peak at my baby! I highly recommend this to every pregnant mama. It’s such a great bonding experience for you and your whole family to meet the baby before his or her arrival. You should have seen Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s reaction to the clear 3D photos we got! That in itself was priceless. They couldn’t believe it!

Check out Enlightened 4D Imaging on their website and see what others are saying on their Facebook page!

So who do you think our baby looks like????


*I was provided ultrasound services in exchange for this review. My opinions are my own and reflect my experiences.


  1. I think he looks like Aiden also. But Aiden & Danika have similarities too. Definitely can tell they are brother & sister 🙂 So excited for you all to welcome this baby boy soon!

  2. Those pictures are AMAZING! I wish I would have had that done. Maybe with my next one.

    I think he looks like Aiden especially in the first picture with the hands up to the ears. Simply Adorable!

  3. Wow! You got great pictures! I think he looks like Aiden, too!

  4. I think he looks like Aiden. The technology for this is so amazing! Friends of our just had imaging and know what sex their baby is way earlier than they typically would. 🙂

  5. I think he looks more like Aiden. 🙂 I did the 4d w/our first son, but not w/the second. We felt it made us worry the babie's nose was "too big" and silly stuff like that since he was still developing, therefore we opted not to w/our second.

  6. Definitely looks like Aiden (love the name by the way!). The technology is awesome. My friend said she found out the sex of the baby 5 weeks earlier by getting the 4D ultrasound.

  7. anonymous says:

    It looks like such a neat place. I think the first picture looks more like Aiden, but the second picture (profile) looks more like Danika in my opinion. Cute!!

  8. I cannot believe that you are 32 weeks along, that was fast… well, for me! So excited to see the post of his birth!

  9. I think he looks a little like both of your children. I think it is really neat how much you can see, but I think it is a little creepy that you can see the undeveloped parts really clearly as well.

  10. Aww.. he looks like Aiden.
    I've always wanted to have one of those done! It would have been so much fun with the twins.

  11. Such amazing pictures! He does have long toes. I think he looks like his big brother Aiden. Thanks for sharing!

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