Tips to staying on track through the holidays with your fitness and diet goals!

Tips to staying on track through the holidays with your health and fitness goals! Holiday diet tips and winter fitness ideas!

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The holidays can be the hardest time of year to stay on track with your fitness and diet goals. I’ve got tips for you to stay on track and not derail all of your hard work! Being healthy and fit doesn’t have to be miserable. I think we often associate a healthy diet and exercise routine with deprivation but we just need to change our mindset. You don’t have to deprive yourself and you also don’t have to run on the treadmill for an hour a day either. Fitness can be fun!

Tips to staying on track through the holidays with your fitness and diet goals! Beat the temptation by using these tips and tricks!

This holiday season my husband is using the Garmin vívofit to help him stay on track and meet his daily goals. He has been wanting an activity tracker for quite some time now and he has been very happy with the Garmin vívofit’s ability to track his goals and even remind him to get moving when he’s been sitting too long.

Tips to staying on track through the holidays with your fitness and diet goals! Beat the temptation by using these tips and tricks!

Combat all the extra calories that get added to your diet this month by upping your activity! Not only do you need to make smart diet choices and choose to not over-indulge in cookies and eggnog, but you also need to make sure you are moving. Winter can be a difficult time to get motivated to exercise. The sun sets early and it’s cold outside, both are great reasons to want to cozy up on the couch and binge watch Christmas movies but fight the urge! Start out by setting goals and sticking to them!

Tip #1: Wear the Garmin vívofit and download the free app to go with it. Enter your height, weight, etc and start moving. The app will monitor your activity and your progress in meeting your goal. The vivofit 2 comes with a move bar and alerts to get active, including a personalized step goal.

Tips to staying on track through the holidays with your fitness and diet goals! Beat the temptation by using these tips and tricks!

Tip #2: Get moving! For those of you that aren’t big fans of conventional exercise I recommend looking at activity in a new way. Building a snowman can be just as good as any cardio activity! Checkout this huge six foot snowman my husband made with the kids. Rolling the snow into balls, stacking it and running around with the kids proved to be a great workout. Since he was wearing his Garmin vívofit he was able to see exactly how many steps he had taken and how much closer to his goal he was afterwards. He was pleasantly surprised at how active building that snowman was!

Planning extra activity to combat those extra calories consumed this month will help offset the holiday treats. Get out and go ice skating, snowshoeing, build a snowman or go skiing. Movement should be fun!

Tips to staying on track through the holidays with your fitness and diet goals! Beat the temptation by using these tips and tricks!

I don’t work out in the conventional manner. I do however have four kids I chase around all day. With the Garmin vívofit I can easily track how many steps I am taking and see just how active I have really been. I can also see when I’ve been cuddling those kids for too long and when I need to get moving.

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Tip #3: Watch your portion sizes. Need some snack ideas? Grab these Weight Watchers 1 Point Snack Ideas for inspiration on little snacks to munch on without dashing your diet. When choosing snacks be sure to portion them out instead of eating out of the bag. That way you’ll know exactly how much you’ve consumed and won’t over-eat your snacks. Snacks are a big culprit for extra calories.

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Tip #4: Use smart strategies when attending Christmas parties. Christmas parties are notorious for calorie packed treats and food. Instead of blowing your entire diet in one sitting, consider snacking before you go so you aren’t ravenous. Offer to bring an appetizer with, like these low calorie Jalapeno Poppers as a healthier option on your plate. Choose foods wisely and avoid standing near the buffet table mindlessly snacking while you chat. Be purposeful in what you eat.

Tip #5: Get plenty of rest. Holidays are a peak time of year for germs to be passed around and for cold and flu viruses to run rampant. Give your immune system a boost by getting plenty of rest each night. This will also help you stay healthy and fit. The Garmin vívofit will track your sleep along with your restless times so you can look back and see how much rest you are really getting each night. Staying up late to wrap presents? Spread it out over several days so you still get plenty of rest!

Tip #6: Get a buddy to keep accountable! It is always easier to eat healthy and exercise when you have a friend to keep you accountable. Gift your spouse or workout buddy with a Garmin vívofit this year so you can both track your progress together!

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This post was sponsored by Garmin vívofit and Walmart. All opinions are mine.


  1. I’d like to win this for my wife, she’s been wanting to track her activity and tabulate the data.

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    I’d like to win because my daughet wants one to help her lose some baby weight.t

  3. As I have gotten older the pounds have added on because I am less active. I have wondered if a fitness tracker would help me by making me remember to move around more.

  4. I’d like to own the Garmin Vivofit because I just learned that I’m pregnant and it’s more important than ever for me to track my fitness. Not only track, but be able to measure my successes.

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    It will help me track my steps when walking at the park

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  15. grammy goodwill says:

    I would love to have one of these to motivate me to get moving. If I had something concrete to show me how much I’m moving (or not doing), then I could make goals that would motivate me more. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  17. I’d like to win the Vivofit to help me keep track of my activities and steps. I love that it will remind me when I’ve been immobile for too ling. I think that seeing my progress and goals could really motivate me to be more active!

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  20. I’ve been wanting an activity tracker, and this one seems great!

  21. I desperately need something to get me motivated to move more again. I have so much weight to lose too it’s scary! These are all wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing them on the #MotivationMonday Linkup Party.

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  28. Great tips! An activity tracker would be so helpful. Many people I know say they help them stay on track or do that little bit extra at the end of the day when they’re just short of their daily goal. One friend of mine says her husband walks back and forth as he watches TV at night instead of sitting on the couch to get his steps in. HA!

    Oh, and BTW – those poppers look delish!

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