Tips To Stay Healthy & Conquer The Cold Season This Year! It Works For Us!

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Tips to stay healthy and conquer the cold season

As a mother to four little germ magnets children, I can’t tell you how many germs get passed around here. When my oldest child, Danika, started Kindergarten we were sick pretty much all Winter. It was miserable! Since then I’ve learned a few things and I try and stay ahead of the game and keep my family healthy so we don’t get the cold and flu bugs to begin with. If we do get them we generally beat them quickly. I’m sharing my tips and tricks because I know some of you are probably struggling with cold and flu season and little ones bringing home those germs. Don’t let them get you down! Fight back! Here are my tips to stay healthy and conquer the cold if we do catch a bug!

Carson eating a Florida orange

First I will state what should be the obvious, although many of us already know we need to eat healthy and get plenty of rest, we often don’t do it! Eat healthy and get your kids on board too. Serve plenty of fruits and veggies and foods high in Vitamin C and low in added sugars. Get your kids to bed early and make sure they get plenty of rest. Be sure to apply that advice to yourself as well and get to bed at a decent hour and strive for eight hours of sleep.

Daily Stay Healthy Routine

Now on to the good stuff! We have a daily routine designed to help us stay healthy and keep our immune systems on the ready for those bugs to attack and be defeated! Each morning me, my husband and our children each take a multivitamin. We each take one specific to our needs. My husband gets a men’s daily vitamin, I take a prenatal because I am still breastfeeding and the kids get gummy vitamins. Each of us also takes a daily probiotic. Probiotics are great for good digestive health and there have been a lot of promising studies on their other health benefits.

We live in Northern Minnesota where there is very little sunshine in the Winter and what little sunshine we do have typically doesn’t give us the good benefits of Vitamin D because it is so far from the Earth in comparison to our location. This is true for many regions, especially in the Winter so be sure to take a daily Vitamin D supplement. We each put a drop of Thieves essential oil on our feet each morning for good immune health. Last, I keep 100% purple grape juice on hand and we drink a glass of that each day when the stomach bug is going around. Wonder why? Read this post all about it!

We’ve been following this daily routine since the kids went back to school in September and so far we’ve only had one very minor cold go through a couple of the kids. Usually we would have had several colds by now and everyone in the house would have gotten them. In comparison to last year we have definitely stayed healthier. Perhaps that has something to do with our new morning routine?

Stock up on Get Well products and conquer the cold fast! #HealthySavings

For those times when we do catch a cold or flu bug, I am prepared! If there is one thing I’ve learned as a mother to four children, it is that illness always seems to strike at the worse time! You know what I mean. 11pm your child spikes a fever and you are up all night caring for them. Friday at 5 your child’s minor illness becomes more concerning and rather than a quick call to the Pediatrician, you end up in Urgent Care for hours. It’s always the worst timing! Don’t be caught unprepared this cold and flu season. Stock up on the essentials now so you can quickly get over that cold or flu bug and get back to feeling better in no time! These are a few of the essentials I keep in my medicine cabinet. Whenever I start to feel that tickle in the back of my throat, I know I’m coming down with something so I go on the defense and start taking Zinc and Emergen-C immediately. Start treating your cold at the first sign of it and hopefully you will conquer it in a shorter amount of time!

Walgreens #HealthySavings

I went to Walgreens last night and stocked up on all my favorite essentials because they all went on sale! If you haven’t stocked your medicine cabinet yet then take advantage of the awesome deals going on right now at Walgreens. I grabbed Emergen-C and used a $1 coupon from their monthly coupon book (grab one in stores) and got 30 packets for $12.49. Raspberry is the best tasting flavor in my opinion! You can save up to $10 on participating Pfizer products at Walgreens just by using the coupons in the coupon booklet which is available in stores.

#HealthySavings at Walgreens

I also took advantage of the coupons on ChapStick and Robitussin. The kids lips are always dry in the Winter and they need their own chapstick just as much as I do so I grabbed a handful of ChapStick so we all have them! I love having a retro hot/cold pack on hand for those boo boos or fevers. It’s so fun and the kids think it’s cool so it cheers them up. Robitussin is my favorite brand cough medicine and is a must for your medicine cabinet. Don’t wait for middle of the night coughing fits to buy it. Get ahead of the game!

Being prepared and proactive are my biggest tips for you! Get proactive and stay healthy and when you do catch a bug, get on top of it quickly and be prepared for it so you aren’t running to the store in the middle of the night!


What tricks and tips do you use to stay healthy?


  1. I just had a miserable cold a couple of weeks ago. I need to stock up for next time.
  2. It's so important to keep that vitamin C going strong all cold and flu season long. It's a great way to defend against the horror.
  3. The first thing I do when flu season rolls around is get a flu shot. The very next thing I do is start going heavy on the vitamin C.
  4. Jenna Wood says:
    I take Vitamin C supplements, but I load up on immune boosters when the flue hits my family or friends. Lots of hydration is also essential!
  5. Vitamins are so important! My kids take theirs everyday - me, not so much. Your post reminds me that I have to take care of myself too! I'll be sure to stock up on vitamins next time I'm out and about.
    • As moms we tend to always take care of everyone except ourselves! We need to remember to take care of us too so we can be at our best each day :)
  6. We wash are hands all the time. And honestly, I am that mom that cancels play dates when someone's kids have the sniffles. I am totally okay with being that mom!
  7. Great tips. I have never heard of drinking grape juice... but we pretty much do the rest. Thanks for sharing
    • I discovered the grape juice trick after several bouts with the stomach bug going through our house one year. We've been doing it ever since!
  8. We eat organic and non GMO and I try to get the kids to get their RDA of fruits and veggies, which is really hard sometimes. The grape juice would be great for that as they love it.
  9. We experienced the same sick marathon when my son started school. Already we are doing better, but I am also better prepared this year. #client
  10. I need to get started on a daily dose of Vitamin C for sure. I want my immune system on high alert!
  11. What a cute picture of the orange smile. I use these pretty frequently.
  12. Ann Bacciaglia says:
    I have had two colds this season already. I think i need to add some vitamins to my daily care routine.
  13. Oy... it's for sure that time of year! Definitely time to stock up. He looks happy munching on the orange :)
  14. Heather Hayes Panjon says:
    Vitamins Are So Important In Keeping Us Healthy. Great Post!
  15. vickie couturier says:
    good tips we try to do all we can to keep healthy too

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